Broken Beyond Repair

Happy May Two-Four Long Weekend, eh! (to all my CanTAYdians friends)

Nice warm long weekend with no plans for me. I should probably go mow the backyard before the chipmunks set up their own Ewok village though. The kid has a pretty nasty ear infection, so we will all be taking it easy and shuffling around the house.

I didn’t have a lot of time to game last week, but what time I did have mainly went to Mad Max.

The game makes me want to cry and punch it in the face.


It corrupted my SAVE FILE! 40 hours in and...poof...gone! WTF!? I’m so angry! The game has a local and cloud save file, both were corrupt. Nice system if your cloud save and the local save are both screwed up. I went and looked and there are lots of similar complaints on Steam for corrupted saves in Mad Max. I’m really starting to get a bad taste in my mouth from WB and PC gaming. Issues not fixed in Mad Max and several Batman games. Plus dropped DLC from Mortal Kombat X; they really seem to be taking the PC crowd for granted. Buyer beware on PC obviously and remember to back up your save file, even though with a cloud save you shouldn’t have to.

So, I likely won’t be replaying that any time soon, regardless of how much fun I was having. I just don’t have the heart to start that over again, plus I had some major issues with the game.


It is so good in almost every way, but the staggering ease of the game just ruins many of the concepts.

I can’t remember ever wanting a game to be harder as much as Mad Max. Far Cry 3 was the last one I recall loving and yet wanting much more of a challenge. Mad Max is on a whole other level of easy compared to Far Cry 3.

I was at the point in Mad Max that I was just leaving money on the ground as I was flush with cash. I’m sure many of you know that point in an RPG where you just leave the equipment on the corpses because the effort outweighs the benefit when your coffers are full.


It really feels like Mad Max was designed to be much tougher and then the difficulty was pulled back at the last minute. This lower difficulty makes many of the game’s features pointless.

For example, there is an aspect of the game where you can steal enemy vehicles and add them to your collection if you successfully drive them back to one of your bases. This concept is found in many GTA-style games, but in Mad Max you can use these vehicles to infiltrate with stealth, since the enemies will see you as a friendly. This game device is simply wasted though, you never fear assaulting an enemy base with your main vehicle because you’ll almost never fail. If the game was tough like it feels it should be, then I could absolutely see wanting to sneak in but as it stands I simply see no reason to drive around in anything but Max’s own death machine.


Another feature that is completely ruined is looking for special loot crates that get blown in by the massive storms. The storms and weather effects in Mad Max are extremely impressive and the major storms are really the only thing that I feared in the game. They can kill you quickly with all the flying debris and if there is an abundance of lightning then death can be almost instantaneous. So, the idea of driving around with almost no visibility in the face of deadly storms to find a huge payout is exhilarating. Or at least it would be, if you ever needed money. With my overflowing pockets I never feel the need to scavenge during the storms.

I could go on, there are just so many features in the game that really have little impact on you since you never want for anything. The game is sorely in need of some balancing and variable difficulties. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game that has such wonderful vision and technical prowess that is so crippled by a lack of balancing.


I really love the game and I was having a great time with it, but it could have easily been so much more. If it was harder, Mad Max likely would have been a contender for my favourite open-world game in the vein of GTA (to which Sleeping Dogs currently holds the spot). I love pretty much everything about Mad Max particularly the level design and the car combat, but without a challenge a game is so much lesser of an experience for me.


With that abrupt end to Mad Max, I was a little unsure what to play. I broke last week with my general philosophy of waiting for games to get very cheap before purchasing them and ordered the Doom Collector’s Edition for PC. Really, I just wanted the Revenant statue, but since every one is loving the game, I’m happy to play that much sooner than I anticipated. However, it is still in transit to me, so I needed some thing to play for the weekend.

I’ve had an urge to play Bioshock again since I was so enamoured with the game but I haven’t played it since it was originally released. I’ve only just started it, but wow does it hold up well for being almost nine years old. After adjusting the FOV and the mouse smoothing in the users.ini there was absolutely nothing to fiddle with but the in-game options. I’m having a fantastic time with the game and I’m so glad it is as good as I remembered.


Last week I also managed to get back to Life Is Strange with my wife. It has been a while since we’ve been able to eke out enough time to play together.

We are likely halfway through Chapter 4. I’m still not as impressed with the game as many of you were, but it is a decent story. I definitely don’t like Life Is Strange for the gameplay because all the game aspects are rather boring and I really don’t have real choices in the game (so far) that make a huge impact. Up to now only one choice point seems to have been a pivot point in the storyline. It is entertaining and interesting, but doesn’t strike the same chord with me as something like Telltale’s The Walking Dead.


Hopefully I’ll have time to play more Life Is Strange with my wife this weekend so we can move on to the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and more Sons Of Anarchy on Blu-ray. I also can’t wait to get back to Bioshock.

So, what are you playing this weekend?