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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Off The Rails

Happy Weekend TAY!

Ugh! What a crappy and stressful week. My wife and I are ending our volunteer positions at our son’s school because the principal has gone off the rails and started blaming everyone else for his blunders. Long story short, it is way too much stress for something that is not our job. Still though, it isn’t fun to leave such a position as it was a great feeling to help make our son’s school an amazing place to learn.


The craziness that was unleashed from my kid’s school occupied most of my week, but my wife and I were able to find a little solace finishing up Life Is Strange.

Overall, I don’t think either of us liked it very much. It is weird, so many people have such a strong emotional attachment to the game and had it pull on their heartstrings, but my wife and I were somewhat bored and definitely not liking any of the characters. I didn’t find the gameplay at all interesting from the perspective of puzzles or choice-point mechanics. Everything is really just railroaded into a very few meaningful choices. The final chapter of the game was probably the most interesting and there were actually some glimmers of the game I would have liked to see, but in the end the Life Is Strange left both my wife and I feeling flat.


I loved the soundtrack though. I might have to grab that. Also the visuals and engine were pleasant enough. And while I didn’t like any of the characters, the voice acting was well done for almost everyone.

I guess it just didn’t click for us. Maybe my wife and I are too far removed from being that age to really empathize with the characters.


With Life Is Strange over, we were free to start in on the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. We’ve just barely scratched the surface, but boy is it great to be back. It definitely looks much cleaner and it is nice to have a boost in the framerate. While many have issues with the first game in the series (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune) I enjoyed the game the first time through on the PS3. It has a different flow than the other games, really nice locations, and more of a horror edge than the other games in the PS3 trilogy. Coming back to the game I see nothing to complain about so far and we are having a great time. Uncharted is far from my favourite series of games, but there is no denying that they are simply fun to play. Playing on the Crushing difficulty this time around has made things more challenging as well. We are looking forward to our journey through the series again, culminating with the new game when we get there. Hopefully we won’t burn out playing them all back-to-back.


I had a few moments to nip at Bioshock as well, but I didn’t gain much progress. I still love it and I am surprised how mature the content is. I was considering letting my kid watch me play because he loves my Big Daddy statue on my bookshelf, but the game and story are particularly brutal, more so than I remember (likely part of the reason the game blew me away originally).


While I have Doom waiting in the wings, I really couldn’t be happier with playing Bioshock. It truly is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

My son has loads of tests I need to help him study for and there is a city festival downtown this weekend. Add to that my wife’s manager is coming to do her bi-annual home office inspection on Monday (read: Datacide needs to clean the house) and that’s not going to leave a whole lot of game time. Hopefully Bioshock and Uncharted will make an appearance and I have some Twisted Sister to try out on Rock Band 4.


What are you playing this weekend?

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