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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Winding Down

Happy Weekend TAY!

Another scorcher around here this weekend. Too hot to do the chores I planned outside, so I’ll stay inside and watch movies and play games instead.


Last week’s gaming was pretty much all Doom for me and the end is near. I think I’m at the final boss now and I was too tired the other night to take it on after two attempts (and two deaths).

I’m somewhat happy with the Ultra Violence difficulty, though I would prefer the game a little harder overall. The general combat encounters are relatively easy, especially later on when you are uber powerful. However, there are some encounters and bosses that make me cringe a little when thinking of playing them on Nightmare difficulty. Though, now that I know the bosses’ behaviours, I am not sure that they would be as challenging a second time. Most of the difficulty with the bosses in Doom is the trial and error involved in learning the patterns. With most things in Doom being generally awesome, I find the bosses to be the least exciting and weakest of the game’s elements.

I feel like I am ready for Doom to be over, not that I didn’t have a fantastic time, but it is getting to the point of wearing out its welcome. Part of the problem is that there isn’t very much new and exciting in the later stages and the rooms full of monsters start feeling a little routine. However, the bigger problem is the level design. The early levels in the game are amazing and this high caliber design carries on for about two-thirds of the game. The last few levels in the game are disappointingly linear and lack a lot of the height and complexity of the earlier levels.


Still, it is an amazing game and a wonderful engine to play in. I am very excited to see what comes out of the idTech6 engine in the future and I’m glad to see Doom back in such a big way. Doom is not going to crack my top 10 favourite first person shooters, but it is undeniably fun and a great surprise for 2016.


My wife and I didn’t get to any Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as the new season of Orange Is The New Black won out. We’ll likely be done with that this coming week and then back to finding El Dorado.


My family managed quite a bit of Rock Band 4 last week and it is nice to finally have our vocals somewhat back in shape. I imagine this muggy weekend will see more Rock Band 4 and maybe some Rock Band 3 in the (cold) basement now that we have a full size midi keyboard hooked up to the 360 down there. After I finish off Doom then I’ll be on to inFamous: Second Son which I bought not long ago on PSN for $13. I was hoping Far Cry 4 would be cheaper than it is on the Steam Sale, so I guess I won’t be playing that. Anyone else not that impressed with the Steam sale prices? At this point all I’ve bought is Pony Island, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, and Miasmata.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

Oh yeah, I will be away August 20 and 27 and I was hoping to get someone to fill in for the TAY Weekend posts for those dates. Over three years of weekend posts and we haven’t missed a weekend. Let me know if you feel up to it.

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