Waterfront In My City Where The Long Weekend Festivities Will Take Place. Yes, That’s A Big Knife-Demon Sculpture.

Lazy Days Of Summer

Happy (Long) Weekend TAY!

Last week was just me and my wife on our own at home. My mother-in-law (who lives with us) is away and my kid is visiting my parents for a week or so. I love our family life when we are all here together, but it is nice to have some alone time with just my wife. We spent most of our evenings with several wobbly pops while streaming the Democratic National Convention on Youtube; we sure know how to party. We aren’t even involved in the election as we are Canadian, but what America does affects us and the world at large, so it was nice to see a lot of positivity at this convention. We’ve got another nice long weekend here in Canada (well, most of Canada) so my wife and I are planning to do nothing but relax (and likely a little housework).

With everyone away, my wife and I also had uninterrupted time to game. We finished off Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and had a great time with it. It holds up particularly well and was fairly challenging on the Crushing difficulty. I look forward to trying out Brutal the next time I get around to playing the game, but I was very satisfied with the game on Crushing. I’m excited to play Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Uncharted games.


To avoid Uncharted burnout we thought we would try something else for a quick play and started up Inside. I LOVED Limbo and have avoided all talk of Inside to not spoil any of the surprises. What I didn’t know was how similar Inside is to Limbo in many ways and feels like the evolution of Playdead’s overall game design. Inside is utterly amazing and should be placed alongside games like Limbo, Oddworld, and Another World as some of the best 2D adventure experiences out there. Really, some of the best gaming experiences period.

Inside is a love letter to physics, to sound design, to animation, to silent storytelling, to clever puzzles, and to atmosphere. There is absolutely nothing I don’t enjoy about this game and there is no part of it that wasn’t lovingly crafted. My wife, who didn’t play Limbo is having a blast as well, though she finds it a little exhausting with all the tension in the game. A definite must play for everyone. I’m so happy Playdead delivered something even better than Limbo, I can’t wait to see what they do next.


I’ve also been playing Fallout: New Vegas when I can, but I’m starting to hit that wall I often hit with Bethesda games. I’m only 70 hours in, but I feel like they could wrap it up anytime now and I’d be satisfied. Part of the weariness is due to the dull visuals, but the repeating quest formula starts to wear on you as well. I’ve just met the Brotherhood Of Steel in their underground bunkers. To prevent getting more quests from them I’ve decided just to eradicate the whole lot from the get-go. I don’t feel too bad, René Auberjonois (who voices Mr. House) told me to kill them all and who doesn’t trust the voice of Odo (from Deep Space 9 for all those out there who haven’t watched the best of the Star Trek TV series).


Thankfully the Brotherhood Of Steel won’t go quietly (or easily) so I’ll have a nice fight on my hands. Then, I’ll have to make multiple trips back to the stores to sell all the power armour from the corpses. I really wish I could send back one of my companions to sell stuff, I would love more devs to implement Torchlight 2’s idea of pets that can go to the store for you.

This weekend I’ll have to start some housework so I can catch up on all I’ve put off in the past week. I’m sure my wife and I will finish off Inside and likely we’ll take a detour for another season of Sons Of Anarchy before getting to Uncharted 2. Most importantly, this weekend will focus on relaxing and enjoying the quiet house.

What are you playing this weekend?