Dance Like Your Pants Are On Fire

Happy Weekend TAY!

Just a quick post this weekend as I have my folks here today to return my kid. He’s been away from home for two weeks, two blissfully quiet weeks. He came home loaded with Fight Nights At Freddy’s action figures; his Nanny and Grandpa really spoiled him. One of the benefits of being the only grandchild.

I didn’t have a chance to play a lot last week as I had to catch up on work around the house that I neglected the first week the boy was away.

Before the glut of chores, I did manage to find time last weekend to finish off Inside with my wife. I don’t even want to post anymore screenshots of the game as I feel everything will spoil the wonderful spectacle. I can’t recommend the game enough. There is some fairly tight platforming and it isn’t without some stressful moments, but the overall adventure is simply amazing. It comes out soon for all you PS4 owners and is already on PC and Xbox One. There are so few experiences in gaming like Inside, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. Play it before someone spoils it for you.


With Inside done my wife and I started both the fifth season of Sons Of Anarchy and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. We haven’t had a lot of time for either at this point, but what we have played and watched has been great so far.

Coming directly off the first Uncharted game, I have a better impression this time around of how the first and second game stack up against each other. In a nutshell: Uncharted 2 moves smoother, the guns feel much better, and there are WAY more cutscenes that wrest control from me. The first two points are definitely enhancements but the large amount of passive viewing is a little disappointing. Naughty Dog makes a good movie with the cutscenes, but I feel a lot of the conversations could be told via radios, as in the first game, and then I would be free to continue to play while still getting the story. Still, the quality of the voice acting makes the cutscenes pleasurable to watch. I’m just one of those people who would rather be playing all the time than sitting back and watching.


I had very little time to pick at Fallout: New Vegas last week but I found I ended up finishing the vanilla game without realizing I was on the final mission. I took a mission that said I couldn’t return from the quest until it was resolved, but the wording of the message gave the impression I would indeed be returning.

Nope. I go to Hoover Dam and complete the final mission only to have the credits roll. To play the DLC I had to revert to an older save to return to the world. Seems a little weird to me. I mean, the DLC came after most people would have finished the game. Why not let me return to the world after the end of the vanilla game to mop up whatever quests still interested me? This would have been a better transition to the DLC.


Finishing a game really takes the wind out of my sails for DLC. Some of my all-time favourite games have the DLC unplayed because I feel that the vanilla game was a complete experience and paced well enough to not leave me wanting more. I’m somewhat forcing myself to go through the DLC for New Vegas since it was highly recommended by many of you. Also, I’ll likely never again have the fortitude to mod New Vegas up like it is now, so better to get ‘er done.


I’ve started with the Old World Blues DLC for New Vegas (since I didn’t bother to actually look up the order in which the DLC was released). It is really quite funny and different enough to keep me going, especially since the game is tougher now as my companions weren’t allowed to come along for the ride. Though, it has been tough to keep me interested. My apathy for the game is increasing as I’ve seen the end already and there is only so much inventory management one person can take. Also, I finally picked up Far Cry 4 for Uplay from a UK key seller since the British Pound is taking a beating. I’m insanely cheap when it comes to my game purchases and I’ve been dying to play Far Cry 4 since it was released; the UK’s loss is my gain. I guess time will tell how much of the DLC I’ll actually play in New Vegas. Thankfully, I still have quite a few levels to obtain for my character. Each of the four DLCs added five levels to the cap moving it from 30 to 50. I guess once I’ve hit the cap, the drive to play will likely leave me completely. Also, the pull from Far Cry 4 is getting harder and harder to ignore.

So, I won’t get any gaming done this weekend until after the parentals have gone. However, next week is looking pretty clear, it will be nice to start up some Rock Band 4 now that the band is back together.

What are you playing this weekend?