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TAY Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

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A Different Host

Weekend time!

Hello TAY, this week’s Whatcha Playing? will be hosted by grubby ol’ Meathead instead of the usual Datacide while he is on vacation.


My gaming time lately has been torn between way too many games, first up is Neverwinter Nights 2, the sequel to Bioware’s best game... Neverwinter Nights.

Gotta say, I don’t know why I left this sitting for so long, Obsidian has done an exceptional job with the game. They kept pretty much everything I loved about the original Neverwinter Nights while also managing to make it stand out with some new additions.

The addition of having a party of 4 now is the biggest change, as opposed to the original game where you had just your player character. I’ve played for about 8 or so hours so far, and as good as it is, compared to the original, I am absolutely breezing through this game, which hopefully will change as I progress farther into it.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum I have been (Slowly) picking away at Gears of War 3. This. Game. Rocks. I’ve really enjoyed the first 2 Gears games, but this has by far been the best of the 3. The new glowie enemies add some nice variety to the encounters, along with a newfound focus on story has definitely made this my favorite entry in the series, and sent my hype train on departure for the fourth entry.

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And last, but definitely not least, is Final Fantasy XIV, or as I call it, RIP Backlog. Been very hooked on it lately, which has been killer for any other games. I sit down to play it for an hour in the morning, and next thing you know it’s dinnertime! But, I’m still having fun and that’s what counts right?

So TAY, What are you playing this weekend?

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