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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Safer Inside?

Happy Weekend TAY!

I have a nice quiet weekend planned. It has been raining here for the past few days and things are too wet outside to do anything productive. So, I’m planning to stay inside with games and movies.

The big news last week was the release of Rock Band Rivals. I’ve got it installed and we’ve messed around with it a bit, but I had to do a complete A/V re-calibration the one night that we had available to play it. You need to calibrate Rock Band 4 to compensate for the audio and video lag with your A/V equipment. I was surprised to see big changes to my video lag numbers when I installed Rivals. They are currently fixed, but I am leery about the accuracy. There really shouldn’t be such a large change. Hopefully it isn’t all mucked up again.


Rivals is basically a paid feature pack, though there were some additional songs to those who pre-ordered. Rivals includes a new XP system and weekly challenges for those who thrive on those incentives (this does nothing for me). The other addition is the “Rockudrama” which is essentially a new tour mode. This is more up my alley since the career modes are great to play with the family. Harmonix has also said that online play will make a return to Rock Band via a Rivals update this coming holiday season.

Rivals also sees a change in hardware providers. Out is Madcatz and in is PDP. There is a new guitar, tweaked drums, and other new accessories on the horizon. I don’t need any new hardware but the new PDP drums are supposed to feature an improved kick pedal. This is something that interests me since I didn’t like the last pedal with the Madcatz drums for Rock Band 4 and currently use my Rock Band 2 pedal instead.

The most interesting peripheral coming soon from PDP is the “XBox One Rock Band Wired Legacy Adapter”. This will allow for the use of Ion drum sets, the 360 Midi Pro Adapter, and the Stage Kit. I’m currently wanting it for the Stage Kit, but it will also open up the possibility of much more advanced drum kits for us in the future.

My Son Likes To Make Posters For Every Gaming Event We Do

My son and I have started what he has titled “The Road To Sonic Mania”. We will be playing all the major Sonic releases in chronological order in hopes of having them done by the time Sonic Mania is released.


I’m looking forward to this as I LOVES me some Sonic, but I’m particularly excited to share this experience with my son. He’s super stoked to play them and he was likely too young to remember the Sonic games I played with him years ago, so it will be a fresh experience for him.


We just finished off Sonic The Hedgehog (the original Genesis title). This is one of the tougher games, so it took two attempts to complete since we ran out of lives and continues on the first playthrough. The original Sonic The Hedgehog still holds up extremely well and is a shining example of a great platform game. We had so much fun with it and I can’t wait to get around to Sonic 2.


I, of course, managed a little time with Dying Light last week during my solo game time. I’m very impressed with the pacing of the content in the game. I was concerned once the second area opened up that I would start to grow tired of the formula. Techland seems to have anticipated this and have been slowly doling out new experiences.


I’m happy to now see more indoor environments. I think these interior missions are more tense since there is no easy way to remove yourself from attacks compared to the unlimited escape routes of the exterior open world. Also, the claustrophobic nature of the corridors and the lack of proper lighting turns up the creepiness factor.

I still find Dying Light too easy, but I’m extremely well entertained and always eager to return to the game so I can’t complain too much. It really is an extremely well-crafted experience.


Hopefully, this weekend will see more of everything I’ve been playing. We’ve also been introducing horror movies to my son for Halloween. We started off with the third presidential debate original Poltergeist on Thursday and while I think he was slightly disturbed by it, it definitely gave him the proper horror movie experience. I am hoping to show him The Lost Boys next.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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