Bitter Sweet

Happy Weekend TAY!

Photo by Adam Ward/ CTV Barrie

So it snowed here on Thursday and then today it is supposed to be 16C (61F) - crazy weather. The impending snow took a chunk out of my week as I prepared for what was basically an unknown amount of snow that came with little notice. I still hadn’t prepped the snowblower for the winter and the coming storm was a good motivator for painting the snowblower and giving it a maintenance once-over. I didn’t end up using the snowblower, since we only saw about 5cm of snow, but at least I’m ready for the next winter blast.

I managed to finally finish off Dying Light last week as I was closer to the end than I realized. I really enjoyed the game and the end sequence was fantastic. I recommend it to fans of first-person parkour and to those who like bludgeoning the undead back to full dead. I still have The Following DLC to play, but I’ll leave that for a future date to let the vanilla game digest completely.


With the shuttering of United Front Games last week, I was moved to start Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition which I had yet to experience. The original Sleeping Dogs was one of my absolute favourite open-world games and I was excited to try out this shinier version.


The Definitive Edition isn’t the mind-blowing upgrade for PC compared to the huge differences the consoles saw. However, the better-looking character models, improved visual effects, and added density to cars and people is a welcome sight. Also, the addition of Xbox One prompts to the PC edition is great as I give my Elite Controller it’s maiden voyage.

I don’t know what to say about Sleeping Dogs that AmeriCanuck77 didn’t say in his great article last week. As someone who loves a good mob story, I am happy that Sleeping Dogs is some of the very best storytelling in a GTA-style game. The voice acting is superb and you begin to feel attached to the characters of this world. There is a depth to these characters that is rare for this style of game.


Sure, some people complain about the arcadey driving, but I never feel like I’m not having fun in Sleeping Dogs and I think that’s the biggest compliment you can give to an open-world game. I’m not too picky about my car physics as long as the driving works well and is exhilarating. I quite like Sleeping Dogs’ “race and ram” form of driving.


It is a shame about United Front Games, I think the talent and love that went into making Sleeping Dogs is undeniable. I would have loved to see another game in the series instead of the multiplayer mess that was the cancelled Triad Wars. I wish the best to the people at United Front Games and thank them for making one of the most exciting open-worlds in gaming.

This weekend I’m hoping to get back to a lot more Sleeping Dogs. I am also very close to the end of watching Sons Of Anarchy with my wife, so we will soon be able to return to Uncharted 2.


On top of all that, I am finally breaking out the Virtual Boy for the kid to try this weekend. I learned early on not to spring too much retro stuff on young kids. Very young children won’t appreciate the tech for the time it was released. Old games often just look like ass to them compared to the amazing visuals they now see in modern games. It was actually my son’s idea to try out the Virtual Boy as he’s been starting to look into the roots of video games on his own. The Virtual Boy is definitely one of those “out there” experiences, but with VR finally coming home it is great to appreciate what Nintendo was trying to do 20 years ago. Plus, who doesn’t like feeling that they are wearing night vision equipment while playing golf.

So, what are you playing this weekend?