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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Cleaned Out

Happy Weekend TAY!

A final(?) blast of summer-like weather around these parts is going to be replaced by a winter storm on Sunday. I’m hoping it isn’t too bad as we don’t have winter tires yet and we are hoping to make a trip to T.O. (Toronto for those not in-the-know). We have tickets for the Canadian Pet Expo in hope of finding rat accessories and possibly even some rats for my son. I’m a little nervous of my first winter driving as we’ve gone from a mid-sized sedan to a mid-sized SUV that likely weighs twice as much. It might make for some interesting moments behind the wheel. Be thankful if you live somewhere where driving on ice isn’t a regular occurrence.


I didn’t have a chance to play anything last week as I had to prep for house guests this weekend. Normally I wouldn’t have been so busy preparing, but having been sick for two weeks took its toll on the housework, so I had a lot of catch-up to do. At least I’m no longer sick.

I did manage to finish off Wolfenstein: The Old Blood last weekend. I pretty much loved everything about it. Aside from some weird stealth issues and some odd crashing when transitioning to Bink cutscenes (which simply required a relaunch), I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The zombie content was a fun touch and the whole game was just such a joy to control. I’m curious if the zombies were intentionally less threatening than the living Nazis so we were clear on who were the real monsters.


MachineGames did a bang-up job with the Wolfenstein series and I hope the rumours of them continuing the franchise are true. I’d love to see what they could design if let loose on the new id Tech 6 engine.

With The Old Blood under my belt, I’ve decided to move on to The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings. I’m basically using this as a stepping stone to get to The Witcher 3 that you all can’t quit talking about how much you love. I am looking forward to The Witcher 2 though, I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed The Witcher despite my usual dislike for most RPGs. It was primarily the lack of inventory management and the interesting dialogue that did it for me. I’m hoping these features continue in the second game. I have The Witcher 2 all installed, tweaked, and ready to go as soon as I get the chance to game again. That opening cutscene was epic!


So, that’s it for my week unless you’d like to discuss the strategic differences in vacuuming patterns or how much laundry catch-up is too much. I’m looking forward to Sunday night where there might be a glimmer of some game time.

What are you playing this weekend?

I’ll leave you with the credits for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. The soundtrack was done by the amazing Mick Gordon who has become my favourite video game soundtrack composer. I still can’t get enough of the Doom soundtrack he made. I’m so happy he is doing the new Prey game soundtrack as well.

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