Staying On Task

Happy Weekend TAY!

Pictures might be a little odd this week (they look weirdly blurry on my end). I have little knowledge about photo conversions and I had to convert all my Fraps screenshots (.bmp) to .jpg files. Kinja seems to be throwing a fit when I try to upload .bmp files. Took me forever just to figure out what the issue was. Gotta love those Kinja updates.

I hope everyone is enjoying the spoils from all the sales last week. I didn’t have a chance to play much as we are in the process of starting to renovate two of our bathrooms; you wouldn’t believe the amount of choices that are available for just a toilet.

Bugs the hell out of me that the stickers on the PC were put on crooked, I guess they’ll be coming off soon.


I did get some time to set up our new gaming laptop, an Asus ROG Strix GL502VS. So far, so good (once I spent the time to delete the bloatware). I’m happy with our decision to go for a 15” laptop instead of the 17” Alienware we started with (and returned). The Strix is much more portable at 15” and still packs a punch with performance. Plus, as I eventually get it setup to play with my son, we will hook it up to a TV when we game, so the screen size won’t really impact us.


I managed to snag a refurbished Logitech G35 headset on Cyber-Monday and I’m quite impressed with it. Other than being a little too tight on my head (which I hope relaxes with use), the sound quality and faux 7.1 surround sound are actually quite good. The surround isn’t as convincing as a real 7.1 speaker arrangement, but as a portable option for the laptop (and for $40), it is definitely a better experience than just standard 2.0 sound. So, once my son is done his stint in hell by being punished with no internet and no video games for two weeks, we are looking forward to giving the new laptop its gaming debut. I’m hoping I can convince my wife that we need two copies of the Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition for PC.


I did manage a little time with The Witcher 2, though I’ve hardly made any progress.

The combat is growing on me a little, though the overall mechanics don’t feel very fluid. At my current experience level and the Dark difficulty setting, I find that I have trouble fighting in the midst of a group of enemies. So, I spend a lot of time leading one away from the pack for a few hits in a slow dance of death. With larger enemies, I just avoid physical combat and rely on my arsenal of spells instead. This is par for the course with the early times in an RPG, when one is weak and new, so I imagine I’ll start kicking more ass once all the branches of the skill upgrade trees are open to me.


I enjoy all the strategy fighting groups and the larger mobs, but the AI is kind of terrible. Once they travel outside of a certain range while fighting, many of the baddies will stop fighting and return to their starting location. It is really hard not to take advantage of this weird limitation and give yourself a breather when in combat. At the very least, the enemies should get full health once they reset.


This weekend probably isn’t looking too good for gaming as I have to spend time looking at bathroom vanities, flooring, toilets, and whatever else needs to go in the bathrooms. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to put a few hours into The Witcher 2. I bought a bunch of new songs for Rock Band 4 that I’m dying to try out as well, so maybe I can find some time to do that in between helping my son study for his two tests on Monday and Tuesday.

What are you playing this weekend?