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Pressing On, Beyond The Breaking Point

Happy Weekend TAY!

Well, another non-productive (game-wise) week for me. I had one of my bouts of terrible sleeping issues last week that makes my waking time a zombie-like affair. I spent most of my coherent time helping my son to study for his multiple tests he had last week and the rest of the time was spent looking into stuff for our bathroom renovations.


I did pick at a game of Civ V and bought and installed Overwatch (though I have yet to actually boot the game). I just couldn’t muster the energy to play anything.

Earlier in the week I did manage to kill a boss in The Witcher 2 that was really kicking my ass. I must have fought him about 40 times. 30 of those times were just to figure out a tactic that worked on him and the remaining 10 times were to execute the strategy successfully. It was a satisfying fight, though it was extremely difficult compared to the bulk of the game up to that point. Several people around here have warned me about the uneven difficulty of The Witcher 2 and I guess I’m now seeing what they were talking about. I almost dropped the difficulty down from “Dark”, but I pushed through and I’m really glad that I did.

I’m finally out of my insomnia funk and hopefully I’ll have a chance to play some more of The Witcher 2 this weekend (and try out Overwatch). I’m in Toronto today (Saturday) as my wife is having her new tattoo touched up, so hopefully they’ll be a yummy hamburger dinner in my future.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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