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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Let It Snow

Happy Weekend TAY!

Like many others around here, we had more than our share of snow last week with another big dump supposedly hitting this weekend. I actually like the snow and cold, but all that snowblowing takes up a lot of time.


I didn’t play much at all last week. I was feeling particularly lazy and didn’t even have the energy to game. I’ve started going to the gym again after a long absence and I think that might be the cause of my lack of energy. I originally stopped going because I injured my elbow, but then the summer vacation came, then school started again...you know the drill. If you are anything like me, it is easy to stop exercising regularly and very difficult to get back to it. Thankfully I seem to be back in a rhythm with the gym and Dance Central; I am hoping the impending holidays won’t mess with my groove.

Most of my downtime consisted of bingeing That ‘70s Show on Netflix and continuing to chew on my Civ V game. I’ve finally brought my civilization back from the brink and my economy is booming, but I fear it is too late. The really powerful Civs have now established cities on my continent. While they are currently friendly, it won’t end well. Every Civ player knows that friendship is only as good as the next luxury resource.


I did manage a little time to dip my toes into Overwatch. I looked online at the different characters before playing and decided to go with Reaper as my starting character. His mix of sneaky tactics and good close-range abilities seemed to be a good fit for my playstyle.


I’m not very good yet, though much of that is due to barely understanding the character I am playing, combined with my poor group skills. I rarely play online and don’t have a good sense of how to work as a team with others. I’ll dig out the headset next time I play to see if voice chat might improve my group play.


I was somewhat surprised how “standard” Overwatch seems. It feels quite old in design, though the execution is terrific. Still, compared to something like Titanfall and Star Wars: Battlefront (the two online games I’ve played recently), Overwatch doesn’t really feel like it is offering anything terribly unique.


I guess the hook is the different characters. While I haven’t played with many of them, they seem to all be fairly unique and offer a variety of tactics and maneuvers to fit any playstyle.

I am excited to play more Overwatch, it is undeniably fun, though I’m not sure the gameplay will keep me hooked for long. I suppose it will make for a good change of pace from my game of The Witcher 2 (which I desperately need to get back to).


Hopefully, this weekend will be an “at home” weekend. Going out shopping this time of year is near suicidal and the impending snow storms seem to suggest that mother nature would like me to find my entertainment on the couch this weekend. I am going to suggest to my family that we start a fresh run of the Star Wars movies while we wait for December 28 to see Rogue One. Otherwise, I think Rock Band 4 and more Overwatch will be on-tap.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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