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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

I Got Blisters On My Fingers

Happy Weekend TAY!

I played a whole lot of nothing last week. There is a flu going around these parts and while I don’t think I got the full dose of the flu, I was achy and tired all week. I have sleeping issues to begin with, so this didn’t help, and now my sleep schedule is all messed up. Add to that a very heavy week of test prep for my son and there just wasn’t any energy or time left over to game with.


I did manage a few more hours in Ori And The Blind Forest last weekend before my week went to hell. That game makes me feel old.

Ori is an amazing game and an absolute must-play for any platform game enthusiast. It is a strong weapon in the Xbox console exclusive arsenal and certainly one of the best exclusives I’ve played in this generation. I’m very partial to platform games though, so individual mileage may vary.

The problem with Ori is that it is really tough; like Rayman Origins or Guacamelee! tough. Maybe you didn’t find those games challenging, but then maybe you aren’t a middle-aged gamer.


I am playing Ori on Hard, but the increased difficulty doesn’t affect what is keeping me down. It is my reaction time that is being betrayed by my aging body.


I first really noticed this issue when I played Guacamelee!. What my mind knows needs to happen is no longer being executed effectively by my hands. I can likely put some blame on the wireless controller lag (which realistically isn’t very much) and the input lag on my TV which straddles the fence in terms of gaming tolerability. But there is no doubt that I am noticing the ravages of time on my reflexes.


It isn’t catastrophic yet and I don’t have any arthritis (or other issues) in my hands, which I am of course profoundly thankful for. However, it is a sobering reality for gamers to realize that aging will eventually affect what you can and cannot do with your favourite pastime. Thankfully, there is an unending pile of RPGs and adventure games that aren’t taxing on the reflexes that will accompany me to the retirement home. Hopefully by then, there will just be a neural connection and I won’t have to worry about my slow body at all. (just my slow brain)

I’m hoping I can work the kinks out of my sleeping schedule this weekend and I have more test prep to do with my son for next week, but I imagine my family will be able to play some Diablo 3 together this weekend. I also hope I am able to get some more time for Ori And The Blind Forest in the coming days (and enough steel in my hands to make it through the next temple escape).


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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