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Happy Weekend TAY!

It is snowy and cold up here this weekend. I might see if my family wants to take in the new Lego Batman movie, otherwise, I don’t really have any plans. This of course means that I will have more time to game since going outside lately has just been an exercise in snow removal.


Last week was tiring and I didn’t find a lot of room to fit in my games. My son is in grade 5, but his workload rivals anything I had in high school. Last week we had to study for three tests (biology, french, and math) and prepare a three to five minute speech. I feel bad for the kid, he comes home from school and never seems to have any free time. Even the past several weekends were always filled with homework for some test on a Monday. Thankfully this weekend he is miraculously free of work and I’m hoping we can play some Diablo 3 as a family.

Since my son was unshackled from his studies on Friday afternoon, we took the opportunity to continue our game of Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U. It has been a long time for us to get back to it, but thankfully it is an easy game to pick up and play again. I still think I prefer Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Good Feel’s other very similar game) in terms of raw gameplay, but there is no denying Woolly World is a blast to play and simply gorgeous to look at.


I didn’t have a lot of time to play but I made some progress in Ori And The Blind Forest earlier in the week. I’m still loving it and continuing to drop f-bombs while I play this challenging beast. I didn’t play any of it during the week since I am at another “escape” sequence and that requires a mind/body commitment that I couldn’t muster. [Edit:I actually passed the second escape sequence while taking screenshots for this post. YAY!]


What I did pick at, while my body was not ready for Ori, was the original Command & Conquer game. I bought the Command & Conquer: Ultimate Collection during Christmas for around $5 on Origin and the collection includes every Command & Conquer game that was released for PC. (at least I think it does).

C&C was always my favourite real-time strategy game (though I honestly have very little experience with the genre). C&C delivers more exciting base building than Blizzard’s offerings and the interface feels more intuitive. I personally hate clicking on buildings in Warcraft and StarCraft to build units.

I was surprised how well the original game holds up. Well, it looks a little fugly in the graphics department now, but I quickly grew accustomed to the 640x480 presentation. The overall game is still very strong and delivers that addictive gameplay that I fondly remember. Plus, C&C has one of the most kick-ass soundtracks in gaming history.


Hopefully with my son free this weekend we will have ample opportunity to game. Maybe we will even have a chance to hit some more Rock Band 4. I’m dying to try out the new DLC releases.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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