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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

When It All Comes Together

Happy Weekend TAY!

I’m just coming off an amazing week of gaming that will hopefully keep rolling into this weekend. The weather is supposed to be rather nice this weekend, for this time of the year, but I’d rather stay inside and play (plus it is going to be a swamp outside once all the snow starts to melt).

Starting with last weekend, my wonderful wife surprised me with a PS4 Pro for Valentine’s Day. I’m still in the midst of setting it up and downloading games, but I’ll be ready to rock as soon as the Boost Mode update hits. I’ve been itching to play Killzone: Shadow Fall and Bloodborne, which I have purchased already. I was holding off on playing them with the anticipation that there would be some news of a Pro patch. Now that both games will take advantage of the Boost Mode update (and I have the PS4 Pro), I’ll be ready as soon as the update drops.


My family also saw The Lego Batman Movie last weekend, which was loads of fun. Not quite as good as The Lego Movie for me, but still a great laugh. Funny enough, I also watched Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (unrated version) for the first time last weekend. I really enjoyed it and I’m not sure what all the hate surrounding the movie was about. Granted, I was a Marvel comic guy and don’t have a clue about the DC universe, but I thought the movie was a great ride (aside from the unrated version not being in 3D when you buy the 3D Blu-ray).

Filling last weekend to the brim, we also played and finished the 7th episode of Minecraft: Story Mode. While still offering no real gameplay and feeling like baby’s first adventure game, this episode was better written than most of the others and was genuinely funny. Maybe I just went in with really low expectations after the snoozer that was Episode 6.


Not to be outdone by the awesome weekend, gaming during the week was a blast as well. My son only had one quiz to study for, so we were finally able to start the whole Halo franchise over again.


Now that we have two Xbox One consoles in the house, we are finally able to free ourselves from the splitscreen view and enjoy the co-op mode in all its fullscreen glory. It is so much nicer having your own dedicated screen and soundscape. My son is loving Halo: CE all over again and with the two consoles we will now finally be able to end our run with Halo 5 (which neither of us has yet to experience).


I also managed to revisit some Uncharted 2 with my wife during the week and we were able to get a fair bit of progress under our belts. I’ll be interested in seeing what advantages the new Boost Mode will give to this fantastic trio of games which already enjoy excellent performance.


My solo gaming time was spent with Ori And The Blind Forest. This game is pure genius and I’m in platforming heaven. It is amazing that Moon Studios hit this one so far out of the park on their first outing. I know the team is made up of amazing talents from other previous AAA studios, but Ori And The Blind Forest is the type of game any big studio would be extremely proud of after decades together. I’m so close to being done, if the game’s completion percentages are to be believed. I think I just have to pass my last temple escape and that’s likely all she wrote. I’ll be sad to leave this stunning experience.

I’m hoping for some Diablo 3 with the family this weekend once I figure out how to get everyone’s save files off the old PS4 to put on the Pro. Maybe some Rock Band 4 will be in the cards too, as my son has recently been hooked on singing Rick Astley’s famous hit.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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