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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Primal Instincts

Happy Weekend TAY!

Last week, the wonderful reprieve from winter around these parts was tempered by my doctor informing me that I have a bad case of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). This condition makes moving my forearm very painful. My doctor is hoping that the prescribed counterforce band will help (it does relieve some of the pain), otherwise surgery might be in the cards. It sucks that it is in my mouse arm.


The crazier part is that I mouse with my right hand even though I am left-handed. I learned to use a mouse with my right hand since it was simply more convenient to share machines with other people if the mouse didn’t need to be moved around. As a left handed drummer, I didn’t want another situation of having to rearrange my environment to suit my less common handedness. Take care of your arms and wrists boys and girls, you’re gaming life depends on it. Anybody have tennis elbow before and want to share some tips?

I didn’t play a whole lot last week with my arm issues and other life obligations. We have company coming on Sunday, so I’ll be pretty busy Saturday prepping for that.

I did manage to finish off Ori And The Blind Forest last weekend. I think I’ve gushed enough about the game over the past few weeks, but it is definitely the best Metroidvania-style platform game I’ve had the pleasure to play. Sometimes cruel, but always fair, Ori And The Blind Forest will test even the most seasoned platform player. If you enjoy amazing platforming, then you really should check it out and it is definitely a great reason to own an Xbox One. (if you can’t play the game on PC)


With Ori conquered, I felt drawn to play Far Cry Primal. As someone who loves the Far Cry series, I couldn’t wait to see what the latest version of the game had in store for me.


The best part about Primal, right from the get-go, is the Survivor Mode. This changes quite a few of the gameplay elements and adds some restrictions to make the game tougher. Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton did a nice summary of the mode here.


As much as I love the Far Cry series, my biggest complaint is how easy the games were. Even on the hardest difficulty and with most of the hud/interface turned off, Far Cry 3 and 4 were pretty simple to get through. So far, Primal’s Survivor mode has been much tougher than anything the previous two Far Cry games threw at me. Add to that the game’s focus on melee combat and I’m in heaven so far, I can’t wait to get further into the game.

This weekend will be all about preparing for houseguests and sadly not about gaming. Hopefully next week will see some more Far Cry Primal.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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