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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

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Happy Weekend TAY!

Another blast of winter is hitting my city this weekend, which feels extra yucky since it had been very spring-like over the past week. I’m happy to stay inside and play this weekend, so it can snow all it wants.


I had a somewhat miserable existence last week. Aside from my bum arm that is a constant low-grade pain, I also had a visit from the cold fairy (and she stayed all week). The lack of good sleep took its toll on me and my family gave Mr. Grumpy a wide-berth. I did nothing productive all week (sorry TAY Run Club teammates) unless you consider playing lots of Far Cry Primal productive.

I’m loving Primal so far and I think the actual game design is the most refined of the Dunia 2 engine Far Cry games (that includes Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, Far Cry 4 and Primal). I definitely prefer the stone aged weaponry and melee combat to the advanced weaponry in the other Far Cry games. It makes for a much more exciting experience to be facing down a charging rhino with a bow and arrow instead of mowing it down with a high caliber machine gun.


If you didn’t dig Far Cry 3 or 4, I don’t suspect there is anything in Primal that will excite you. The gameplay formula is very similar despite the setting being 12,000 years in the past. The new beast taming component is cool, but I don’t think that’s going to be enough of an addition to change the minds of people who didn’t enjoy the previous Far Cry games.

I’ve been extremely impressed with the map design in Primal. While it actually borrows a lot from the map layout in Far Cry 4, it feels fresh and new and might well be my favourite map of the Far Cry series. Plus, since you can’t hop on a helicopter to travel from point A to point B, you become much more intimate with your surroundings. The lack of a helicopter also makes hunting down collectibles an actual hunt, instead of just landing on one collectible to the next.


I did run into a game-breaking bug while playing. Apparently, the PC version is susceptible to save file corruptions which prevent the game from updating the save file. It was a bugger of an issue to correct, but once I found a solution and modified it to fit my particular problem, I was back up and running. I emailed Ubisoft support, who gave the correct solution, but their reply came three days after I emailed them (and well after I spent many hours to finally dig up a solution on the web).


Far Cry Primal is a great game to play while being sick. The open nature of the world and the non-linear game progression allowed me to just screw around and relax. I could go hunting and collecting resources or just spend my time exploring. There is so much to do in the game and so many side missions that you are never lacking for things to do.


If you haven’t played any of the Far Cry games, but enjoy a good open world, don’t miss out on the Far Cry series sale this weekend on Steam.


I’m looking forward to playing some more Far Cry Primal this weekend and, now that I’m beginning to feel somewhat better, I imagine I’ll have some fun with the family as well. I picked up Doctor Strange on 3D Blu-Ray on Friday and the whole family is looking forward to seeing that for the first time.

So, what are you playing this weekend? (cue the deluge of happy Breath Of The Wild players)

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