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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

March Break!

Happy Weekend TAY!

This weekend kicks off March Break for my kid (and by extension, March Break for me and my wife). It comes none-too-soon as my kid’s teacher slammed them with tests all week culminating in a math and giant science test on Friday (teachers that give tests on the last day before a school break are mean people).


My kid was supposed to have his first sleepover at our house, but his friend fell ill and now my son and I will have one of our “Game Nights” where we stay up all night eating bad food and playing games. On tap is Halo CE, Sonic CD, Tattletail, Skylanders SuperChargers, Yoshi’s Woolly World and maybe some Diablo 3 if we can get some in before my wife goes to bed.

My wife and I are heading to see The Book Of Mormon on Wednesday in Toronto. We are extremely excited for this as we missed out on tickets when it was here in 2013. We will likely cap the March Break off with the deferred sleepover and I have no doubts that there will be loads of gaming whenever there is a chance next week.

Since my kid had so much to learn for his tests last week, I didn’t get in a lot of game time.


I’m still continuing on with Far Cry Primal and I’m loving every minute of it.

I am surprised to find how much I like the hunting in the game. It is nice to hunt in a game where most of the animals pose just as much of a threat to you as you do to them.


I’m also loving the cave exploration in the game. These cavern mini-games have been steadily improved since Far Cry 3, but the ones in Primal can be particularly puzzling and have had me stumped on what to do on more than a few occasions.


I’ve run into the issue I had with the other Far Cry games in that I’ve maxed out all my upgrades long before I’ve finished the game’s content. This isn’t an issue that is unique to Far Cry.


You would think that devs would have worked out a better system of doling out the upgrades in a more uniform pace to keep things exciting the whole way along. I know it is hard to wrangle these things when you offer such a free flowing open-world, but in Primal, many of the upgrades are tied to people that join your community. I feel like these people could have been rationed out a little more stringently.


The survivor mode of Primal does lock me out of numerous upgrades compared to the normal difficulty modes. This keeps the challenge up and prevents you from becoming completely god-like. I’m finding this game much tougher than the last three Far Cry games. I’d highly recommend the Survivor mode to anyone who hasn’t already played Far Cry Primal. It is challenging, but in no way is it frustrating. It simply feels like this is the way you should play this game. Hopefully, all future Far Cry games will offer similar difficulty settings (as should most games).

Yesterday my family finally started the Rockudrama mode of Rock Band 4 Rivals. It is a hilarious way to do the career mode and filled with tons of FMV. My son is getting a kick out of it and we are all having a great laugh. It is nice to see so much work has gone into this career mode.


With the “Game Night” tonight, I’ll have my hands full with all sorts of games this weekend. I imagine there will be more Far Cry Primal in the coming week as well. I also need to find the time to turn on my PS4 Pro and update it for the Boost Mode. I can’t wait to dig into the performance differences.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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