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Happy Weekend TAY!

I hope everyone is set to enjoy a great weekend. Lots of killer new games to be played; it is a great time to be a gamer.


We are winding down March Break at my house. My kid has a friend here for a sleepover and they are slumming it in the basement with a Wii and 360 after spending all Friday afternoon and evening with newer consoles. My very first memory of a sleepover was playing an Atari 2600 all night, so I’m glad my son is making similar memories.

My son and I had our “Game Night” last weekend which wrapped up at 9am Sunday morning. I am now finding myself struggling to keep up with the kid to stay awake during these marathons. We ended up playing a whole bunch of games which started with Diablo 3.

We played Diablo 3 with my wife for an hour when my kid asked to stop playing it because he was bored. The lack of challenge in that game really kills it for my family. I don’t understand what Blizzard was thinking. Expert difficulty should provide at least some minor challenge for the players. I wonder if we will even bother playing it after this.

After my wife went off to bed, my son and I started in on Sonic CD. Sonic CD is my favourite Sonic game and is also my “all-time” favourite 2D platform game. The mix of incredible level design and fantastic music (U.S. soundtrack FTW!) makes this a Sonic experience not to be missed.


We are playing the remastered version of Sonic CD (2011) which supports widescreen and modern resolutions. This version is spectacular and if you have a 360, PS3, or Steam, you should absolutely check it out. What I’ve seen of Sonic Mania leads me to believe they are using the same engine (likely tweaked now) that was used to make this version of Sonic CD. You can also get Sonic CD on iOS and Android, but you *must* have a controller for the game; it doesn’t translate well to a touchscreen.


After finishing several levels of Sonic CD we moved on to Tattletale. The best thing I can say about Tattletale is that it is a bad game with great atmosphere. I don’t think anyone needs to play this unless you have a Furby obsession (and I can’t imagine anyone around here having that sort of fetish).


We then flipped through various horror games on PC (which were all still too scary for my kid) and played numerous Genesis and SNES games. As I struggled to stay awake to the 9am marker (which was deemed the time the night had to end) my kid didn’t seem to be the least bit winded. Long gone are the days when he would crash at 5am.


I had a fairly busy time last week with appointments and my wife and I were in Toronto last Wednesday to see The Book Of Mormon (which was awesome). I didn’t have a lot of time to game on my own but I did get in a few more hours with Far Cry Primal.


I think I’m nearing the end-game in Primal as I have entered the final area. I imagine I can have the game sewn up by the end of the weekend if I have the time.

Hopefully my family can get in some more Rock Band 4 over the next couple of days, which we also enjoyed over the March Break. We finished the Rockudrama mode but it only whet our appetite for more Rock Band.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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