Happy Weekend TAY!

Wow, what a week. I’m glad for the weekend. I need some sleep and to help my kid study for some upcoming tests. I should also dig out the lawn mower as the grass seems to have grown up overnight. Stupid dandelions!

I played the game of setup almost all of last week and it is an exhausting and sometimes frustrating game. I started last weekend with wiping Windows 10 and installing some new hard drives. *Pro-tip*, don’t install hard drives when you are exhausted at 3 am. I spent around 40 minutes trying to figure out why the newly installed drives weren’t being picked up by my PC, only to discover that I hadn’t connected the power cables to the drives. *Sigh*.

Then my new TV came on Wednesday. I wasn’t actually expecting the new TV until May 10th but it arrived early and I rushed off to pick it up. I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for getting the TV this early and all the work that would be involved.

The new TV wasn’t a planned purchase and was born out of surprise and desperation. I was wistfully looking at 4K TVs on sale at Best Buy and reading some reviews. Then I discovered that I wasn’t keeping up with all the current TV trends. Apparently, every manufacturer has dropped 3D from their lineup. I need 3D! My family enjoys 3D, and we have tons of money spent on 3D Blu-ray movies. So, not knowing if 3D will ever come back to television sets and if I wanted a 4K 3D TV...I had to jump. Best Buy was sold out in the hours I took to decide, but I managed to find the same set (on sale for the same price) at 2001 Audio Video.


I spent the remainder of the week setting up the new TV and rotating the old TVs around the house. It was funny to see how the much larger and newer TVs were so much lighter than the older and smaller TVs. We are saying goodbye to our first LCD HDTV that is 32” and 720p/1080i. It served us well, but there is no more room for extra TVs in the house so I’ll figure out a way to donate or sell it.

There was obviously lots of re-wiring, reconfiguring of universal remotes, and re-calibration of screens and Kinects. Definitely first world problems, but my back is feeling all the lifting and bending. I get obsessive about having everything up and running as soon as possible, so I’ve been foregoing sleep to get them all done (Edit: this post is late going up because I decided to delve back into my PC connection woes). Thankfully, I’m pretty much there.


I had a trial by fire with the ins-and-outs of 4K and HDR as this is my first 4K set. This culminated in learning there is a limit to the length of HDMI cables and their ability to pass 4K signal. This is problematic for me since my PC is situated 50 feet of cable length away from the TV. I’m exploring other cables, but it might end up that I have to move my PC somewhere closer to my game room (without actually being in the game room).


I did manage a single night of gaming after reinstalling Windows 10 earlier in the week. I started up with Ryse. It is alright. The combat is fun and I think I actually prefer it to the combat in something like the Arkham series or Shadow Of Mordor. It is less acrobatic than those games but feels somewhat similar. What I enjoy is that the enemies will actually attack you in a group instead of the weird one-on-one that many of these brawlers seem to devolve into. I hate when you are surrounded by a huge group of enemies and their best strategy is to come at you one at a time.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to Ryse except the battles. The very limited and extremely linear exploration is just a conveyance to the next battle. It all looks nice and the story is fun, but it almost feels like a game from two generations ago in a pretty wrapping. Thankfully it seems rather short, so I don’t think it will wear out its welcome.


I imagine there won’t be a lot of gaming this weekend while I continue with all the setup/calibration of the TVs and my kid’s studying. If my new cables for the PC help resolve my signal issues then hopefully I’ll be able to get some more Ryse in, otherwise, I’ll have to look at something on the consoles to play until the issue is worked out.

So, what are you playing this weekend?