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Happy Weekend TAY!

I hope everyone is set to enjoy the weekend with whatever you have planned. I don’t have much scheduled other than the obligatory lawn maintenance. It should be relatively quiet around my house, which hopefully means some time to game.


I found some time to play a couple sessions of Mass Effect last week. I am increasingly enjoying the game the more time I spend with it, but I am eager for the end to come.

I think I am most engaged with the game during the MAKO exploration levels. Despite the insane physics and the almost indestructible vehicle, I find myself enjoying the open exploration. The rest of Mass Effect is quite linear, so it is a nice change of pace to be able to roam around freely on different planets. I also enjoy the mission structure in these sections. Smaller bases dot the landscape and make for a nice pit stop to kill whoever is home. However, these open planets are painfully generic. It feels like all that changes from planet to planet is the colour and the time of day.


It is the main story missions that are the real meat of the game. The planets of these quests are unique and filled with great level design. Each mission almost feels like a well-written episode of a sci-fi TV show. The gameplay doesn’t improve on these missions and the levels are very linear, but it almost doesn’t matter as the great story is carrying all the weight.


However, I do find that the lack of challenge is hampering my ability to stay focused. The combat isn’t difficult at all, despite my AI teammates being dumb as rocks. I’ve watched them, on numerous occasions, continually shoot at a wall because an enemy is on the other side (or attempt to shoot through *me* to get to an enemy). That’s ok though, the enemy AI is just as vapid, so my teammates aren’t holding me back.

It would possibly be more satisfying if the devs didn’t see fit to lock out the two top difficulty settings until you’ve finished the game once. To all budding game developers...PLEASE don’t lock up difficulty options in your games.

Hacked item #501

I have been enjoying the very rare puzzles I’ve come across in the game and more puzzles would have been a welcome sight. It is nice to stretch those brain muscles once in a while.


However, I would KILL for a different hacking mini-game. Really, one hacking routine for the entire game? Given how often you have to hack stuff, this is a real downer. It isn’t even a particularly fun mini-game.


I’m glad the story has picked up quite a bit now, even if the challenge has not. I’m eager to see the resolution; I feel like I am closing in.

I’m hoping I will have more time for Mass Effect this weekend and that I’ll be able to get in some more Halo CE with my son. We resumed Halo last week while he had a lull in his test schedule. I also might pick up Logan to show the boy as he’s been asking to see it. He also wants to see Captain Underpants (in theaters now), so that will likely happen over the next few days.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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