Reaching For The Horizon

Happy Weekend TAY!

I just returned from a very late showing of Captain Underpants with my kid. I think my brains leaked out of my ears during that horrible movie, so you’ll have to forgive my scattered thoughts in what follows.

I had a fairly busy time last week as a belated spring cleaning bug bit me and I decided to reorganize several rooms in our house. Currently, I have 800+ CDs spread across my basement floor as I reorganize them by artist. Boy am I glad that I buy most of my music digitally now.

I did find some time to game and polished off Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director’s Cut.


I was very impressed how well Human Revolution holds up. It could have been released today (if they re-rendered the low-res video cutscenes) and I think people would be equally impressed with it today as they were when it first came to market. If you haven’t played it, I’d highly recommend it for those who like first person shooters with light RPG elements. It is currently under $5 for the Director’s Cut on the Steam Sale and that’s a helluva bargain for the 35+ hours it took me to complete. It is always an amazing (and rare) experience when you replay a game and it surpasses your fond memories of it in every way.

After Human Revolution, I just couldn’t put off starting up Horizon: Zero Dawn. I really wanted to give the HDR capabilities of my new TV a real workout.


Horizon is quite lovely to look at and so far the gameplay and presentation have been top notch, but this is really just Far Cry at the heart of it...right? I don’t know what I was expecting, but I don’t think I was expecting a game that feels so much like Far Cry. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* Far Cry and people around here told me that I would probably also love Horizon when I wrote about my Far Cry Primal playthrough a few months ago. I guess I’m just surprised given how little I hear people talk about Far Cry Primal and how big the praise was for Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s all good though, it is just the type of game I love to play.

I have some niggling qualms with the 30fps framerate and the overuse of motion blur, which can be somewhat distracting at times. I suspect that the motion blur is actually covering up much of the aliasing when rotating the camera. Even with this, it is a technical marvel on the PS4 system and a definite “must play” for all PS4 owners. The character models and facial animation during the cutscenes is particularly impressive and gives wonderful personality to each character you meet.


I can’t wait to get back to more, it is one of those games that can suck away the hours before you even notice.

Please turn off most of the HUD elements when you play it, they are generally unnecessary and take away from the beauty of the game. Particularly the enemy awareness icons, since the lights on the machines will already let you know what awareness state they are in. Big props to Guerilla for giving such robust customization options for the HUD elements.


I hope I can get back to more Horizon: Zero Dawn this weekend and some more Sonic CD with the boy. We have a LOT of Sonic to play if we want to hit them all before the release of Sonic Mania (though I suspect we won’t be finished before the release date in August).

So, what are you playing this weekend?