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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

I’m On My Way...Home Sweet Home

Happy Weekend TAY!

A GIANT thank-you to ThePickyGamer and Spikespeigel for covering for me over the past two weeks while I “vacationed”. It was weird to be away from TAY for so long.


I am writing this from my parent’s place and haven’t been able to find the time to log in before now. It will be nice to return home to my games, my video game withdrawal is becoming unbearable. We did hit the biggest waterpark in Canada last week which was loads of fun and helped feed me some adrenaline that my games usually supply. The waterpark was fun, though my calves are still a little sore from climbing all those stairs over and over.

I did manage to squeak in a little more Horizon: Zero Dawn before I left to come to my parents and have finally discovered and completed my second cauldron. I’m still not entirely in love with the game, but I am enjoying the different baddies in the new area I have opened up. The game was initially seriously lacking in challenge, but the new creatures are at least killing me periodically. I started the game on Very Hard but I wish I had known that the new Ultra Hard difficulty was coming, I would have waited for that before starting the game.


My wife and I also had a little time over the past two weeks to return to our Uncharted 2 game that we have left unfinished for quite some time. Since the boy was away at his grandparents it was a little easier to schedule some time for just the two of us.


I dropped the difficulty in Uncharted 2 from Crushing to Hard since I was having trouble with the boss on the train. I would normally be happy to repeat a boss over and over until I got it but, when you are playing with someone else watching, it gets old after 20 attempts. Turns out that the boss is actually somewhat glitchy and the QTE melee prompts were not popping up. Once I understood this, the boss was simple; I likely could have done without the difficulty drop as that had no bearing on the issue. Oh well, I’ll just leave the difficulty where it is and breeze through the rest of the game. Now that I’ve purchased Uncharted 4, I’m happy to just whip through the previous games as a refresher.


I’ll be on the road most of Saturday as we drive home, so there will likely be some delay in my replies. Hopefully, the traffic won’t be as mental as when we drove up to my parents, that was a stressful trip.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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