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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Bye-Bye Summer Holidays

Happy (Long) Weekend TAY!

This is the last weekend of my son’s summer holidays as public school is back in session for the majority of Canada on Tuesday. I hope most of you are enjoying an extended weekend and aren’t on the roads for the holiday (if you are lucky to have one). My family’s goal is to avoid going anywhere and just relax together at home.


I had a busy week preparing for back to school for my son (first year he needs a laptop) and didn’t have time to get a lot played, but I did manage a little time for some Quake.

What a game! Quake is brutal, ruthless, and way too much fun. I am only playing on the Hard difficulty setting (I had forgotten how to get to the Nightmare difficulty as it is somewhat hidden), but I’m glad I settled for Hard. The game is rather unforgiving and shows what “Hard” actually meant two decades ago.


I’m three-quarters of the way through Quake, having just started the fourth and final episode. It is tough going and this can make progress slower than most games with all the dying. I find it actually takes a lot out of me to play it, something that rarely happens with most games. It can almost feel exhausting.


My son and I finished off Sonic & Knuckles last week on the day that the PC version of Sonic Mania unlocked (at a whopping size of 347MB). Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles (played as one long game) is some damn fine platforming. I still hold to the belief that Sonic CD is the best of the original 2D games, but Sonic 3 & Knuckles is no slouch and is still miles ahead of most other 2D platform games.


And then there is Sonic Mania. A love letter to the original 2D Sonic games. Beautiful in its desire to look and feel like the original games, but with enough modern tech to give it a buttery-smooth experience. Having most of the features and toys from all of the original 2D Sonic games mashed into one game is amazing. As I am just coming off the other 2D games and they are fresh in my mind, it is clear that Mania is already shaping up to be the best of them all. If you have ever enjoyed Sonic’s 2D games, Sonic Mania is not to be missed.


This weekend I’m hoping for some more Quake, Sonic Mania, Rock Band 4 and likely Episode 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 (can’t all be winners). What a great way to say goodbye to the summer.

So, what are you playing this long weekend?

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