I'm really feeling it!


Happy Weekend TAY!

And happy autumn, though around these parts we are expecting warmer weather than most of the summer...so, go climate change?


I’m going to make this quick so I can crawl back in bed or zone out in front of the TV. My back problems have become worse and the meds I take have nasty side-effects. At least I can sleep somewhat now, but it has been almost impossible to sit and game for any length of time. Also, being drugged is interfering with my concentration, so it has made gaming difficult. It is scary how many things can go wrong with your body that affects gaming. When is it again that I get to plug them directly into my brain?

Earlier in the week, I manage to finish up all of the Arkham Episodes in Batman: Arkham Knight. These consist of small story missions featuring other characters from the Batman universe and take place prior to, or just after the events in Arkham Knight. They are alright but generally feel like the dessert no one had room for after a fantastic meal. The Catwoman and Harley Quinn missions were the most interesting as they offered different gameplay mechanics, but you could easily skip all of these episodes.


What I have left to complete now in Arkham Knight are all the A.R. Challenges. These are the missions that test the player in all the various gameplay mechanics from Arkham Knight. These challenges are integrated into the main game or can be played in a stand-alone mode from the main menu. I’ll likely leave Arkham Knight installed for a while and try to pick these off when I want something quick to play. They are loads of fun and offer an exceptional challenge; it is like having your own Batman arcade.


I was going to try to complete all the A.R. Challenges before moving on to my next game, but then Rathorial informed me of the great price on Prey at CDKeys.com (thanks Rathorial!). I’ve been eagerly waiting to play Prey (at a price my cheap-gamer-brain could handle) as it is often compared to System Shock 2 which, until Alien: Isolation came along, was my favourite game of all-time.


I absolutely love the little I’ve played of Prey, but I’m thinking of putting it on hold while I am medicated. Between the constant distraction of my back and the difficulty paying attention, I feel that I am doing such an amazing game a disservice playing it in such a state. I need something much more basic in design to play at the moment.

I’m hoping this weekend that I will be able to play some more Sonic Mania with my son. That’s about the extent of my plans at the moment, I’ll just play it day by day.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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