What’s The Hurry?

Happy Weekend TAY!

A busy shopping weekend for me as I get some last minute items for my kid’s birthday at the end of December. My son is also having a friend for a sleepover and he has raided my game collection for things to play, so I imagine Saturday night will be a late night (for everyone).

I didn’t have a chance to game much last week. I spent time with my wife watching a good chunk of season one of Stranger Things (it’s ok) and we rewatched Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the kid as prep for The Last Jedi.

What little time I could muster for gaming was spent with The Witcher 3.


I’m still having a blast with The Witcher 3 and find myself completely absorbed in the game when I sit down to play it. I am enjoying meeting many of the characters from the previous games and reminiscing about past adventures. The dialogue for the conversations is fantastic and makes it unnecessary to have experienced the other games. It does an excellent job of catching you up to speed without long historical monologues. It also works well for people with crappy memories like me.

I am having a little issue with “time” in the game, though time causes most games some trouble. There are several storylines in The Witcher 3 that seem urgent, however, you are never pressed to complete them in a timely manner. There are definitely some missions that seem rather life-or-death, but I find myself with the time to clear out monsters from farmer’s fields or attend parties and plays.


I wish quests came with timers. I’m not talking minutes or hours, but maybe days, weeks, or months of game time. I feel the narrative would be better served if you had father time on your back.

I’m very curious to see how State Of Decay 2 turns out. It was one of the few games in recent memory to have time-based missions with relatively large time limits. Sure, they were kind of random missions and failure didn’t affect the game too much, but it added desperation to the atmosphere. Hell, even the giant time limit in Shenmue of 137 in-game days kept gnawing at the back of my brain to hurry up. Oh well, I’ll just keep pretending I show up just in the nick of time in The Witcher 3.


With the sleepover, my game time this weekend is likely shot (well, at least until Sunday night if I’m not worn out). Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to The Witcher 3 soon. I’m also going to look at Divinity: Original Sin as a co-op game with my friend on Tuesday. I’m a little afraid I’ll push my RPG limits with two on the go at the same time.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

Pro-tip: Don’t leave Diet Pepsi in the freezer to cool it quickly and then go play The Witcher 3.