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Happy Weekend TAY!

Yippie, it’s the weekend! I’m looking forward to relaxing on the last weekend before the holidays descend on my house. I’ll be helping my kid with a school presentation, but I want to get in some hours with my games before I start the prep for houseguests this coming week.


My family went last Friday to the AGO (Art Gallery Of Ontario) which is found in the heart of Toronto. We had tickets to see the Guillermo del Toro exhibit “At Home with Monsters”. It was fantastic! I’m a big fan of del Toro’s work and his creature designs are some of the best in film. It was amazing to see life-sized creations of his work. If you are a fan of Guillermo del Toro and the exhibition makes it to your city (it is leaving T.O. at the beginning of January), I’d highly recommend checking it out.

I didn’t game a whole lot last week but I did manage a little more of The Witcher 3. I fear I’ll have little time after this weekend to continue my journey and the game will have to carry-on in the new year.


The only other gaming I did last week was a night with Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition.


I was looking for a good co-op game to play with my friend. Since Divinity: Original Sin is generally adored around here and seems to offer good co-op, I thought we’d give that a try.

I’m loving the difficulty of the game right out of the gate. We chose to play on Tactician (Hard) and died a few times as we wrapped our heads around how the game works. It seems to have many layers.


I don’t play a lot of RPGs (says the guy currently playing two of them), especially ones with turn-based combat, but co-op always makes the experience a lot more fun. We’ve just made it to the first town after restarting once to change our characters.


I love the combat and being able to talk strategy with my teammate while playing is a bonus. My buddy is far better at tactical games than I am, so it is nice to hear how his mind works during the battles. Maybe some of his tactics will rub off on me and I’ll finally beat him once in our decade’s worth of daily Civilization email turns.

The first town in Divinity: Original Sin is more conversation heavy than I would like, but I was surprised at the impact my choices have on the world. I’m not sure I’ve played a game with big consequences like this before, mind you, there are gigantic holes in my RPG education. The voice acting is a little annoying in places and the dialogue isn’t as good as in The Witcher 3 (at least so far), but what it lacks in slickness seems to be made up with the level of detail in the world. I’m looking forward to our second session of the game.


I’m hoping my kid’s homework won’t take too much time this weekend and that we will be able to relax as a family (I need my Gwent fix). Maybe we will also re-watch Pan’s Labyrinth after drooling over all the del Toro goodies.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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