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Happy Weekend TAY!

It’s true...it’s done.

179 is the number of hours it took me to complete The Witcher 3. That amount of time is getting near to being obscene for my tastes, but I sure had a great experience.


I felt the game was too long overall, with too many similar things to do, but everything is so damn well presented that you can overlook any shortcomings. Really, I think it was the cutscenes that won me over.

I normally dislike cutscenes and pay less attention to the story in a game then maybe I should, but The Witcher 3 just nails the writing and acting in a way that made me care what people had to say. Also, since (almost) all the cutscenes are rendered in-game, you get to observe how the environmental lighting plays with your current fashion creations in fantastic detail. You never feel that you’ve been pulled out of the game when a cutscene starts.


I will miss my walks through The Witcher 3. I love games that let me stroll through the forests listening to the wind in the trees and the sounds of the night...especially when there is treasure at the end of my walk. However, it was an extremely long time-sink and was beginning to feel like a second life; it is probably good that I am out. Unfortunately, my rebound gaming endeavors didn’t turn out so great.


I was all pumped to get to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus after The Witcher 3, but apparently that isn’t going to be a thing right now. I somehow fall into a category of people who have Wolfenstein 2 on PC that can’t remove the screen tearing. Being a nVidia owner who plays on a TV via HDMI (and is hated by the gaming gods), I’ve apparently made poor life choices. I tried for far too long to fix the issue but it is not to be.

While looking around for a solution, I saw that the Xbox One X might be a better gaming experience for Wolfenstein 2 at 4K (I would have run the game at 1080p on my PC at a marginally better framerate). This makes it a little easier to swallow than my initial crushing disappointment, but I don’t have Wolfenstein 2 on XB1X and I am a little too bitter to pay for the game again at full price. I’ll keep my eye out for a Bethesda-sale weekend.

I even installed and booted up (new)Doom which runs on the same id Tech 6 engine to make sure it was Wolfenstein’s fault (which it was) and not my settings. Man, Doom was made for me to play it (and I probably should) but I’d rather replay it sometime in the future with better hardware for a “new” experience; that backlog isn’t going to clear itself.


So what does one coming off the game-changing Witcher 3, pining for Wolfenstein 2, and flirting with Doom decide to play?


I wanted something fast and shooty and didn’t want to be too disappointed with the visuals after staring at Doom, Wolfenstein II, and The Witcher 3. You can’t really feel letdown with graphics if you go in knowing it will be a shitshow right from the start.


Turok is a little bit like Sloth from The Goonies. At first, you are like “WTF!” and then the more time you spend with it, you begin to appreciate that it has a good heart. Even with the great work Night Dive Studios did remastering the old classic Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, there is no graceful way to overcome the aging tech in this game that they once crammed on to an N64 cartridge. It is a lot of fun though and I never played much of the original, so it seems to be a good thing to play while I decide what I really feel like playing next.


My wife and I slogged through more of the long, drawn-out battles, in Uncharted 4 last week (the game is TOO long) and my kid and I have continued our game of Sonic 3D Blast. I’m loving my game of Divinity: Original Sin co-op and I’ve been having a great time getting acquainted with my first game of Civ VI via email with my friend. I’m hoping I will have time to play more of all of these games this weekend, but I do have to go mattress shopping at some point.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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