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Happy Weekend TAY!

Another blast of winter around here this weekend. However, even though I live in ski-country, we seem to have avoided the last round of nasty snow that many of you received.


My nerdcave is pretty much back up and running after the flooding, even though I burnt out a steam cleaner and had to buy another one to remove all the water from the carpet. (to be fair, the Bissell steam cleaner I broke was decades old and served us amazingly well over the years). We lost only one piece of my son’s video game art in the end (one of the pieces dried well and was saved) and I lost a big Oddworld banner, but we were fairly lucky that there wasn’t more damage.

After all the continuous clean-up, I didn’t end up playing much last week. I was distracted by other things, but I think it is really my current game that isn’t doing it for me.


Turok did end up being much more fun than I anticipated and I’m thoroughly enjoying the level design and the platforming aspect of the game. It is the rest of the aging package that isn’t calling to me when I am not playing it.


The combat is serviceable but doesn’t hold a candle to many other shooters from the same era. I do appreciate having no reticle for the gun and no sights to aim down. Reticle-less shooting is a favourite of mine since it feels more akin to real-life aiming. However, the AI in Turok is dumb as a bag of rocks and easy to exploit. As fun as the shooting can be, it is definitely not compelling when the targets are so predictable.


The appeal of the game isn’t helped by the drab look, the lifeless world, the ugly textures, and the minimal sound. There are some texture mods on the PC but nothing I found looked complete in any form. And even though Night Dive Studios moved the notorious fog back and increased the draw-distance, there are still many instances where the game simply looks odd due to the limits of your view.

I’ll definitely finish it out (I’m on level six of eight), but it is a tough one to recommend given how many games are vying for your attention. Funny enough, Turok and Turok 2 were announced for the Xbox One last week if you are at all interested, though, I wouldn’t pay more than a fiver for the first game.


I also played another session of Divinity: Original Sin with my buddy online. I’m really digging the combat and playing on the highest difficulty has been extremely rewarding. It is a lot of fun having a partner to strategize with and to help you feel like less of a chicken when you decide to flee.


I’m hoping this weekend will offer some more opportunity for gaming. I’d like to finish up Turok and move on to something else (though I still don’t know what to play yet...that post-Witcher 3 life is hard to get used to). My son has a math test to study for, but maybe we will also find some time for our Sonic 3D Blast game.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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