The Land Out Of Time

Happy Weekend TAY!

I’m sorry to hear about all the snow many of you are having. I hope everyone is safe inside with some comfy pants (or no pants at all if that’s how you roll) and playing something fun.

I finished Turok last week and I think the whole experience was ok...maybe….(not really?)


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter sort of falls apart as it goes along (with a truly awful ending). While the level design was somewhat brilliant overall, it does devolve into more of a corridor shooter instead of the open-concept of the early levels. The combat also turns into more long distance shooting in the later levels, which really isn’t the game’s strongpoint. The weapons are well designed but stopping, aiming, and shooting takes away from the best part of the combat: the flowing melee.


The game was best for me as a platformer. I LOVE first person platforming, though I know it isn’t for everyone. Even as old as Turok is (20 yrs!), it does some great platforming. I’m sure it is the 60fps on Night Dive Studio’s new version and the mouse and keyboard that made the experience better than I remember on the N64. Turok even pulled on my innards several times when it tricked my brain into thinking the heights were real.

You could certainly do worse than Turok and...maybe I have.


I started Knack on PS4.

I’m just out of the training levels so I certainly don’t have a complete picture of the game, but I am not getting any pleasure from the controls and the presentation makes me cringe. I’m hoping it will improve as it goes along.


Thankfully my busy week of home renovations was also peppered with an excellent session of Divinity: Original Sin with my buddy online and more Sonic 3D Blast with my son. Sonic 3D Blast is also not a very good game, but playing with my son is such a joy. His gaming skills are getting great, so it is nice to have someone that can join in with the tense bonus stages.


The kid is going to his grandparents for March Break, so we have to go to Toronto to drop him off on Sunday, but we are also excited to attend EGLX (“Canada’s Biggest Gaming Expo”) while we are in the big city. I likely won’t have a lot of time to play more Knack while getting my son ready to go, but I’ll definitely have more game time next week.

So, what are you playing this weekend?