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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Be Prepared

Happy Weekend TAY!

We are hunkered down around here for an impending ice storm that everyone seems to think will wreak havoc on my city. I fought the crowds on Friday afternoon at Costco to stock up on canned drinks and bottled water in case the power fails. My family has made sure to keep all tablets, phones, and portable video game systems fully charged. Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as predicted.


I played almost nothing last week as my kid has been sick since last Sunday and was off school for several days. This was on the heels of me being down with multiple migraines the week prior. The combination of the two sickness events left me completely spent and sleep ended up being much more important than my video games.

I played maybe two hours total of Watch_Dogs last week and managed to advance the main story a bit.

While I am still not a huge fan of the game overall, the city itself is amazingly detailed. I’ve never been to the real Chicago, but the version presented in Watch_Dogs feels like the most authentic modern city that I’ve played in a video game. It is a shame that the game in this world isn’t more exciting.

No, thankfully he doesn’t go through with it.

Watch_Dogs strikes a weird tone for me. It is a surprisingly dark game with disturbing imagery. Hacking into people’s personal lives and coming across suicide attempts or people dying of cancer isn’t what I’d call my preferred form of entertainment. The messaging is great though. People often say they don’t care if “forces” hack into their personal systems because they have nothing to hide. Watch_Dogs reinforces the idea that there are times when each of us is at our most vulnerable and those moments are not likely something you want to be shared with the world. Given all that’s been going on in the news about personal digital privacy, Watch_Dogs is a stark reminder of how things can get out of control.


If we survive the ice storm and don’t turn to cannibalism, I’m hoping my family can play some more Guardians Of The Galaxy. Of course, if the power stays on, I will also be playing Watch_Dogs.


So, what are you playing this weekend? (I’m totally jealous if you are playing God Of War)

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