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I Know Now Why You Cry, But It’s Something I Can Never Do.

Happy Weekend TAY!

Yay, there is some spring-like weather around here this weekend. After the ice-storm at the beginning of last week, I am finally beginning to think I might be able to put the snowblower away for good this season.


Aside from watching the first couple of episodes of Westworld with my wife last week, I managed a little more time with Watch_Dogs.

I am finding myself more intrigued with the story as it goes along and each act of the game has been better than the previous one, but it still feels like a bit of a slog.

I think I’ve nailed down what the disconnect is between myself and the game. It all comes down to the tone. Watch_Dogs foregoes the humour that permeates most of these open-world games. It is generally a serious take on revenge surrounded by a lesson on what evils a connected world can bring us.


I’m totally on-board with a serious take. I think games often try too hard to mix in comedy to somehow dilute the horrors of the violence. This generally comes off like a 90’s action-flick with macho posturings and plenty of one-liners. Watch_Dogs does have some lighter moments, but I appreciate the generally bleak tone and think that games like this could be well served with serious stories.


The problem with Watch_Dogs’ attempt is in the acting and the dialogue.


Noam Jenkins, who is probably best known from the television show Rookie Blue and from Saw II and IV, is deadpan in his delivery as the protagonist. Maybe this is due to bad direction, but we never get the emotional range to connect us to the character. I feel with more raw emotion for Jenkins and the rest of the cast, Watch_Dogs really could have been something great. The dialogue is also to blame here, much of it is terrible but it does have some shining moments. Emotions, when present, never feel real. Compared to Ubi’s Far Cry, it really feels like the voice acting took a bit of a back seat which is sad, considering how much dialogue there is. It is a shame too, the bones of the story are great and there could have been some genuinely heart-wrenching moments if the writing and acting had come together.

It is by no means a terrible game. I’m having fun playing every nerd’s superhero: the hacker. All the individual pieces are well put together and other than the sloppy driving, I have enjoyed most of the game’s individual components.


It just never comes together for me. I never care about the characters and, given the common issue of no time constraints in these types of games, I never feel any tension at all outside of a few individual missions. It is a pity, the game is gorgeous with the E3 features unlocked and the sound design is some of the best I’ve heard in a GTA-style game. From the looks of things, Watch_Dogs 2 addresses many of these issues and I like enough of Watch_Dogs to look at the sequel. I was also pleased to see the recent announcement of a third game in this series.


I am looking forward to time with my family playing Guardians Of The Galaxy this weekend as we finished the first episode last weekend. Not really interesting as a game, but it is always fun to game with the family. Hopefully, I’ll be able to spend more time with Watch_Dogs and get it out of the way this weekend. I’m eager for a different control experience.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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