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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Dog Days Are (Almost) Over

Happy Weekend TAY!

The chipmunks and bunnies are back in the yard and the raccoons are pooping on the deck again, it must finally be spring! We are due for a little more light snow this weekend, but the trees are starting to bloom and I see green things poking up in the garden. It is supposed to be around 26C (79F) next week; looks like we are going straight from heating the house to air conditioning this year.


I finished off the main story in Watch_Dogs last week and I somewhat warmed to the game near the end. The final acts of the game are great and I found the missions more challenging as the game went along. It is almost “there” as a complete package, it is just my complaints from last week about the dialogue and acting (and crappy driving) that keeps it from standing out from the pack of GTA-clones.

I did mop up most of the secondary missions and somewhat regretted leaving my virtual Chicago (which is absolutely the best part of Watch_Dogs)...then I remembered, I had bought the “Complete Edition” of Watch_Dogs that includes the Bad Blood DLC.


Bad Blood is the story of “T-Bone” who is a secondary character from the vanilla campaign. It takes place about a year after the events in the main game but also fills in a lot of the details about the events leading up to Watch_Dogs.


And you know what? I’m thoroughly enjoying the DLC. Along with more exciting and more interesting missions, the story is vastly improved and much more engaging. Gone is the brooding Aiden Pearce who is replaced by “T-Bone” and his twitchy friend. There is a levity here that was missing from the vanilla game and if you aren’t going to write oscar-caliber dialogue, then at least make them laugh.


Bad Blood seems rather short and I’ll likely finish it off this weekend, but I’m having a fantastic time while it lasts. It is always an amazing surprise when DLC content surpasses the original game.


My son is swamped with school work this weekend and my wife and I are knee-deep in Westworld, so I imagine that it will be just me and “T-Bone” for gaming this weekend unless my family finds some time together for Rock Band.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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