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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Mother Nature: 2 / Datacide: 0

Happy Weekend TAY!

Ugh! What a week! Hopefully, the weekend will bring relaxation that the week didn’t provide.


I played nurse to a very sick rat for the majority of the week. One of our girls, Sassy, became suddenly very sick and we thought for sure she was dying. Her skin became fish-belly white and she seemed unable to move or feed herself. We made her as comfortable as possible expecting she wouldn’t last long, but rats are incredibly resilient creatures. She slowly started taking soft foods by hand and licking water off our fingers. As the days went by she started to move around, albeit extremely wobbly, and taking more solid foods. As of last Thursday, she seems almost completely back to normal. She is eating and drinking well and all her colour has returned. Who needs a Fawkes when you have a Scabbers?

Just The Start Of The Fleeing Shingles

The other (not) exciting event was the massive windstorm we had in Ontario on Friday. Gusts exceeded 120 km/h (75 mph for those countries who hate easy math with their science). We lost a good chunk of the shingles on the roof we just replaced five years ago and have yet to get through to our insurance provider because of the phone system being overloaded with calls. Fun times!


I did manage to finish the Bad Blood DLC for Watch_Dogs last weekend before the joys of the week began. It ended up being quite good and much better than the vanilla game. The mix of a serious story with humorous dialogue hit a better balance than the overly serious (and somewhat stilted) presentation in the main game. I think overall I’d recommend the game on PC if you can mod the graphics up to full glory, but if you haven’t played things like Sleeping Dogs, then you have better choices to spend your time with.


After Bad Blood, I needed another game. Well, that was until I had to do a full restore of Windows 10 due to an unrecoverable issue (more joy last week). Once my PC was back up and running, I decided it had been more than a decade since I played the original Far Cry and it was time to see how it had aged.


I loved Far Cry when I first played it on release (14 years ago) and it was a real game-changer for players at the time. Open-ish world gameplay and lush jungles on a level never seen before in video games; it was quite the showpiece for PC gamers.

Thankfully, the game holds up extremely well and I’m having an absolute blast with it again.


I was also able to use the 64-bit version of Far Cry for the first time and this really helps keep the game feeling current. Denser foliage, improved lighting, higher resolution textures, and advanced physics are only some of the improvements brought with the 64-bit patch. I didn’t even own a 64-bit version of Windows when this patch was originally released, but I’m certainly glad I can take advantage of it now.

Aside from biting my nails all weekend hoping that it doesn’t rain while a good part of my roof is unprotected, I hopefully will be able to find some time to play more Far Cry. My son is swamped with homework but maybe there will be some time for more Rock Band this weekend as well, I still haven’t given “Karma Chameleon” a try yet.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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