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Happy Weekend TAY!

I believe it is a long weekend in the U.S., enjoy your extra day off if you have one. My family had a long weekend up here in Canada last weekend and we filled it with Rock Band and lots of movies. We watched Rogue One (my son’s pick) and Cameron’s Avatar (my wife’s pick) and I was even more impressed with both movies than the last time I viewed them. My pick was 28 Days Later which was less impressive than I remembered since the transfer to Blu-ray is simply awful. That film needs to be desperately cleaned up and remastered for posterity. Still, it is a great movie, even if it did bring everyone down. :)


I was able to play more Far Cry last week and I am still intensely enjoying my time with it. I thought I was nearing the end, but I was mistaken. In the main menu, there is a box with a list of the levels you’ve completed and the checkpoints for each level. This allows you to go back and replay levels or revert to a previous checkpoint if you screwed yourself at your latest respawn point.

I assumed that the game was over when the list of level names reached the end of the box. However, once I filled the box, the window suddenly gained a scroll bar and the list continued. There is an incredible amount of unique content across Far Cry as it is level based and not the enormous, open-world, of the subsequent titles. Far Cry is a good example of keeping up the pacing of a story (though Far Cry’s story is terrible) through a linear level progression compared to the issues with storytelling in completely open-world games.


I don’t think I have too much left now of Far Cry, but maybe they’ll fool me again. It does feel like I’m reaching the climax though, but I’m in no rush to be done with Far Cry’s nail-biting gameplay.


My son and I were able to get another four levels of Sonic Adventure completed and we are both still having a fantastic time. Aside from the occasional freakout from the camera system, the game is very solid and holds up quite well. I had forgotten how many different types of games they have you play in Sonic Adventure and I’m looking forward to our run through the game with every other character once we are done with Sonic. Certainly not lacking for content here.


My wife and I have finally stopped playing Night In The Woods. It just wasn’t for us. It was way too little “game” for me and I think my wife and I are too old to deal with the post-teenage angst. I might pick at it again later if the mood strikes, but we just didn’t care enough about the characters to go on.


My wife and I have moved on to Until Dawn, which is also more of an interactive experience than a game, but it has great acting and wonderful atmosphere (so far). We are only a few hours in, but it seems to work very well and keeps the user engaged with the controls better than many similar games.


We are about to begin renovations of a bathroom in my house, so my weekend will be taken up with picking tile colours and fixtures, but I’m hoping I’ll have more time for Far Cry in the evenings. I’m also hoping we can play Rock Band as a family as we had a blast with it last weekend and it is best to stay in practice.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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