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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Moving On

Happy Weekend, TAY!

I’m covering for Datacide this weekend as he ventures out into the world to spend time with family and friends. So I’ll try to fill his shoes to the best of my abilities.


Right now I’m in a state of transition; I accepted a new job in a different state. As of this writing, I’ve found a place to live and have set up a mover visit to get a quote early next week. So I find myself reminiscing about the past few years I’ve spent here and the concept of starting over.

In a few weeks I’ll be waking up in a room that will be very foreign to me. Until it’s not. I’m trying to remember how long it took me to feel “at home” where I currently am, but if I’m being completely honest with myself, I don’t think I ever achieved that feeling. Hence my accepting the new position.

Starting over is a scary proposition, but when you find yourself doubting where you are currently in life, what’s the worse that can happen? I guess in my case, I decided to make a choice: stay here and go through the motions or start over fresh and hopefully find some semblance of self; of change.

I don’t think I’ve ever been truly happy here, so I think that played a part in deciding to move. So why go through the motions? For a guaranteed paycheck? In this day and age, that might be enough for some people, but I’m at the point in my life that I just need it to start and never look back. So here’s hoping this decision leads me to some semblance of happiness.



Now that that’s off my chest.

What have I been playing?

Well, given that I’m in a state of reminiscing, I decided to give Xenoblade Chronicles another shot after stalling out on the sequel. I also started another new game plus of Persona 4 Golden. After platinuming Yakuza 6 a few weeks back, I really haven’t been feeling third person action games, so that means God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn remain on the back burner so I can transition to a more role playing state of mind.


I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve relayed Persona 4 Golden, but I’d guess at least three times based on the save slots, which would make this my fourth time through. I’ve yet to platinum this game, so maybe fourth time’s the charm. Regardless, it’s nice digging out the Vita to play this again. I originally purchased the Vita to play Persona 4 Golden, and to this day, I’m confident this is the only game I’ve completed on it. I’ve just started a new playthrough, so I’m still some days away from the first dungeon. But it’s nice playing through with the compendium filled in.


As for Xenoblade Chronicles, I can successfully state that I’ve made it further in this game than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 since I have managed to get past the first major story beat; something I haven’t been able to achieve in the latter. It’s funny how that works given that the reason I haven’t gotten too far in the sequel is the fact that the first open area where side quests are located is populated with monsters that are completely over my party’s level. Which is also the case with the first game. The main difference is that the overpowered creatures don’t actively chase you down and maul your party to death. So I guess that’s why I’m making more progress in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Also, story-wise, I’d say that Xenoblade Chronicles has the more engaging plot. There’s a moment in the game where stuff starts getting real and Shulk (the main protagonist) begins to open up the true narrative. There’s a beat where he’s able to change the course of events, but everything’s all to new to him, so he doesn’t really know how to respond, which causes the plot the motivation it needed up until that point. I’m being vague here in case you haven’t played this game yet, but if you know what’s happening in the screenshot above, you know what I’m alluding to.

I’m sticking with it so far, but rotating between Persona 4 Golden and Xenoblade Chronicles seems to be the panacea I’ve been looking for since completing Yakuza 6 twice in a row.


Oh, E3 happened this week. So if you follow that, I’d be interested in which games caught your eye. Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2, and Kingdom Hearts III are probably the front-runners for a lot of people, but right now there’s only one game I’m really looking forward to.


It took ten years, but the wait was worth it. Welcome back, Nero. I missed you, buddy.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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