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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?


Happy Weekend TAY!

I’m exhausted.

After a busy schedule last weekend, for my parents 50th wedding anniversary, we jumped right into having people renovate one of our bathrooms that desperately needed repair. My sleep schedule is odd to begin with, but having people in our house in the early morning has resulted in broken and sporadic sleep. Apparently, it will be mostly completed by next Friday...that can’t come soon enough.


So, I haven’t played much at all since I last posted two weekends ago (big thanks to spikespeigel for covering for me last weekend). A smattering of Sonic Adventure 2 here and a brief bit of Until Dawn there, but it has been pretty quiet on the gaming front. My son and I have just finished the “Light” missions in Sonic Adventure 2 and are set to play the “Dark” side of the game when we have a chance.

What little solo gaming time I managed to find was spent with Ruiner and what an absolute delight that has been.

The visual style evokes feelings of Akira and a bit of Bladerunner, but the game’s DNA feels like Smash TV and Crusader: No Remorse had a kid.


Ruiner is a twin-stick shooter/melee game at heart with light-RPG elements and a skeleton of a story, but it just oozes atmosphere. There is a small hub-city which allows for a little interaction with the strange inhabitants, but we aren’t winning any awards for the script here. It doesn’t really matter, these are just the trappings to keep you motivated and moving forward. You definitely need some encouragement...sometimes Ruiner can almost break you.


Ruiner is unapologetically tough, particularly as I jumped in on the Hard difficulty. It is often a lot of work, but there is a big sense of accomplishment with almost every encounter. The best part of the game is that you can re-skill your character on the fly. Skill points earned towards different abilities can even be reassigned mid-battle. This makes for some great strategy as you have to constantly come up with new combinations of abilities...or die.


Ruiner is a hard game to recommend unless you like punishing games. I feel like lowering the difficulty to Normal at almost every encounter until I figure out the enemy and apply the appropriate skills to the situation. If you like your games to anger you (I do), then you probably should give this one a try.

This weekend is another busy one and I don’t imagine I’ll have a lot of time to game. I’m hoping to find the time to finish off my first playthrough of Until Dawn with my wife and move on to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, which I picked up on the Steam Summer Sale. I don’t imagine I have a lot of Ruiner left (it is apparently quite short), so I should probably think about what to play next. I was showing my brother Doom (2016) when he was up for my parent’s anniversary and I have a strong desire to play that amazing game again.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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