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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Weekend Drive Through The Wasteland

Happy Weekend TAY!

Hey everyone! Hope you were keeping your nose to the backlog grindstone while I was away. Thanks to spikespeigel for taking the reins last weekend amidst his post-move unpacking. (and I thought I was busy)


We had friends of ours over last weekend and they are a gaming family as well. They were going on about this little-known game called Rocket League and I finally found myself trying it out.

Rathorial gifted me an extra code he had for Rocket League a long while back (thanks Rath!) and I remember reading numerous posts around here expressing everyone’s love for the game, but for whatever reason, I just never felt the urge to try it out.

How very wrong my instincts were. I’m sure I’m not telling anyone anything new by now, but what a fantastic game! The physics for this soccer/bumper-cars sports game are absolutely spot-on and the whole thing feels amazing!


I’m also impressed that even in four-player split-screen, the game performs like a champ. Even better, with crossplay and all the machines I have around here with Rocket League, it won’t be long until we are having family tournaments. Pity Sony is a stick in the mud about playing online with other consoles; the PC, Xbox One, and Switch play very well together.


I also started up State Of Decay 2 with my friend who I try to play with online once a week. We are so stuck in Divinity: Original Sin that even going to the internet hasn’t provided a solution. While we muddle over the situation in Divinity: Original Sin, we figured we would check out State Of Decay 2 since it was on Xbox Game Pass and offers crossplay with PC.


It is great that Game Pass allows me to also play the PC version of State Of Decay 2, but I’m not fond of having to use Microsoft’s Windows Store version of the game with all the headaches Microsoft’s UWP PC games bring to the table. I’m still tweaking the game but with some minor file editing, I appear to have it running fairly well. State Of Decay 2 seems remarkably similar to the first game, but we are just at the beginning of the game and I honestly haven’t seen that much of it. It also doesn’t appear visually a whole lot better than State Of Decay (1) and the original game was kind of ugly.

Why does this 10-year-old game look so much better than State Of Decay 2?

I found a little solo time during the week to play some Rage and I’m happy to find I still love it after all these years. The fantastic vehicular gameplay on top of id’s signature shooter mechanics is a match made in heaven. There is always something special about an id game that hits all the notes I want from a video game.


My kid and I finally finished off Sonic Adventure 2 and what a piece of crap that was. I remember not being nearly as impressed with it as the first game when it was released on the Dreamcast, but I had forgotten how awful most of the controls are and how spastic everything feels. It is a shame, it still looks quite good but I can’t really recommend it to anyone. As rough as the first Sonic Adventure game is, it is at least fun to play. Sonic Adventure 2 mostly just evokes feelings of frustration from the terrible controls.


I’m hoping to get further in Rage this weekend and I think my son and I might be taking a break from Sonic games to play Breath of the Wild. I was going to pick up a second dock to hook up to the TV in my game room to make it easier to move the Switch from TV to TV, but they are sold out everywhere...even on Amazon Canada. Anyone know what might be causing a shortage?

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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