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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

All The Rage

Happy Weekend TAY! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

My kid is visiting his grandparents for a week, so my wife and I are looking forward to some time without child maintenance.


When I am not trying to catch up on chores around the house and bingeing Boardwalk Empire, I hope my weekend will be filled with Rage.

Man, what a game! I haven’t played Rage since the time of its initial release in 2010 and I remember really liking it at the time...but this time I’m in love.


One of the reasons Rage is yummier this time around is my ability to run it far better now than when I initially played it. I don’t know how the console versions of Rage faired, but a great performance on PC took some serious hardware in 2010. I remember having to make some graphical compromises to keep the framerate up and not being super happy with the performance.

This time around, I can extract a much better performance from Rage. And wow...I didn’t know how good Rage could look and feel.


Rage uses a unique texturing method called Megatextures. My basic understanding is that this texturing method offers the ability to have phenomenal detail and insane variety in each scene; every corner of Rage really does feel different from every other corner.


The problem with the MegaTexturing in Rage on PC is that the Xbox 360 was the target machine for development. These giant textures don’t mean higher resolution ones, and while there is some scaling of these textures with different in-game options, even at maximum they are still rather low by today’s standards.

All those electronics look pretty snazzy...
...until you have a closer look.

To me, the resolution issues are minor. You don’t notice the texture resolution unless you are up against the textures and Rage is a game of movement and concentration. You are often intently staring down your sights while on the run, so you don’t even notice the grainy textures in your field of view. Honestly, the ability to have such unique detail in a game is such a huge plus, it is hard to fault the lower resolution of some of the texturing. (though I wouldn’t say no to a higher resolution re-make)


I could blather on for hours about how cool Rage is. Hopefully, I have enough weekends left of Rage to talk about the stellar AI, the amazing level design, and the spectacular combat. There is also the combat-racing component of the game that I think is so high calibre, it could be released as a successful stand-alone game.


Rage has its claws in me and it won’t let go. I never want to stop playing when I start and when I’m not playing it, I wish I were.


Hopefully, I’ll have some time to play more Rage this weekend while the kid is away. I have a lot on my plate in real life, but I really need to mainline some more of id’s masterpiece right now.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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