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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Hello from the Future!

Happy weekend, TAY! It’s me again I’m covering for our pal Datacide, who has other engagements this weekend. Also, I heard from a pigeon of mine that Data might have broken his foot, so if you can, drop him a line to wish him a speedy recovery.


As for me, however, no, I didn’t travel to the future to play the DLC expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It’s just a constant reminder that I have to finish the base game proper. And, as of this post, I have logged...

*fires up Switch*

...144 hours in this game.

This stupid, dumb game that’s taken over my life and won’t end because it keeps on throwing more mechanics and items and quests at me nine chapters into the game (out of ten, as far as I can tell).

Oh, Xeno baby, I don’t mean it.

I do care about you, but man, you are just filled with content. Although, I am perturbed by the fact that the Merc missions (wherein you send off party members to procure items and XP for you) occurs in real time ONLY IF YOU KEEP THE SWITCH ON.


For those of you that played Dragon Age: Inquisition, this Xenoblade 2 mechanic is similar to the War Table section. However, DA:I had the decency to keep counting the flow of time even if you turned off the power on the PS4. Which was a nice feature because you could wrap up a side quest or main quest in the game, come back to your headquarters, and then send party members scouting for items and experience WHILE THE CONSOLE WAS OFF AND YOU COULD LIVE YOUR LIFE IN THE MEANTIME.

I’m sorry. I’m yelling again.

I don’t mean to. It’s just that, why you gotta treat me like this, Xenoblade Chronicles 2? I mean, do you need my constant attention, even after 144 hours in? So, that’s just one feature that grinds my gears about this game. But overall, I’m still enjoying my time with it but I’m ready to wrap it up and get ready to play something else.


I originally was going to new game plus XC2, but after this initial run, I’m thinking I’m going to have to put some distance between myself and this game and work in a palate cleanser.


And luckily for me, a palate cleanser is coming relatively soon in the form of Yakuza Kiwami 2. If you’ve followed my Weekend TAY posts, you might recall my infatuation with Yakuza 6 (so much so that I ended up earning the platinum trophy). If so, you can possibly piece together why I’m extremely hyped for Kiwami 2. It uses the same game engine as Yakuza 6, and some of the side games from Yakuza 6 are being implemented in Kiwami 2. As of right now, Yakuza 6 is my GOTY outright, so being able to play more Yakuza using the Dragon Engine seems like a dream come true.

But that’s in the future. Just like the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC. And just like *insert upcoming game here* as well. So, since I don’t have access to a time machine, nor the mental acuity to parse out the niceties of time travel, especially on a weekend, I’m going to do something less complicated.


I’m going to find a bowling alley this weekend, sign up for a fall league, and work on my game to get back in bowling shape. Also, since it’s the weekend, I get to cheat one day and ingest carbs. Lovely, lovely carbs.

Oh, man.

Who knew carbs were so good when you actively cut them out of your life. But that’s a story for another weekend. What I really want to know right now is why was six afraid of seven?


Wait, that’s not right. Let me try that again.

What are you playing this weekend?

Is that it? I think that’s right. Data, come back! We need your expertise!

Oh, have a good weekend folks. And feel free to answer either question. Now, where did I pack my bowling gear?

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