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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

If At First, You Don’t Succeed...Go Crazy!

Happy Weekend TAY!

And happy holidays to all those who partake in the festivities. I’m looking forward to having my son home for his two-week break from school so we can make a good dent in Breath Of The Wild together. We’ve only been able to play BotW for an hour or two each week, for what seems like months, and it feels like we are barely progressing. It will be nice to devote some serious blocks of time to the game.


(*slight spoilers for God Of War optional objectives boss below*)

Amidst prepping my house for holiday visitors, the picture below sums up my entire week of gaming.

Yes, all week...and I still haven’t defeated her. I might be going slightly mad; I’m well over the 10-hour mark for this single fight.


I can’t seem to let the game win here. It is a cheap fight and often seems to depend on a lot of luck (and I am so glad I didn’t play God Of War on the toughest difficulty setting). I don’t recall ever putting as much work into a single boss in all my years of gaming. I’ve even gone back to all the optional areas to eke out any boost to my stats that I can, but there was very little left to find. (I’m so close to a platinum trophy without even trying for it)

I almost have her. I’ve learned all I’m going to learn about her tricks and cheats and obviously have put in a ton of practice. I only worry that my failure may be due to my ageing reflexes and that’s not likely something I can overcome.


(*end spoilers*)


I bought some more PSVR stuff (like an Aim Controller) last week and I might have a solution to my PS Camera (V2) woes that will allow me to position the camera above my TV. My LG TV is too thin to allow the stock PS Camera mount to work, but this solution may let me attach the camera to a big tripod I already own.

...except...I didn’t even boot the PSVR last week. God Of War has consumed me and I’m so close to the end that I can taste it.


So, boss fighting is what I’ll be doing if I get any free time this weekend after one group of visitors departs and I prep for the next wave of houseguests. Safe travels to all those who are making the holiday trek to family and friends.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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