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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Movin’ On Up

Happy Weekend TAY!

We are being treated to balmy temperatures of just above freezing this weekend, which means...I’ll still stay inside playing games and watching movies as long as there isn’t any snow to shovel. I hope everyone else in North America is also getting a bit of a defrost this weekend.


I am happy to finally be wealthy enough in Skyrim VR that I no longer have to concern myself with rummaging through everyone’s belongings, looking for stuff I can fence for gold. The Elder Scrolls games are a little overwhelming with the number of objects you can pocket and you quickly learn not to steal everything that isn’t nailed down. I truly hate dealing with inventories in games and Skyrim VR is a little more cumbersome than most with the Move Controllers. Now that I’m financially comfortable, I can stop worrying about the value to weight ratio of objects found on fresh corpses (“honest officer, they were like that when I got here”) and just enjoy myself.

“I’m sorry, what did you say? I was distracted”. (looks much cooler when you are doing this in 3D)

I had forgotten how much story there was in Skyrim and it is amazing that it is all voice-acted, but the acting can be stilted at times and you hear a lot of the same voices over and over. The writing itself is not bad, especially given the crazy amount of conversations, but it is dragged down by the questionable acting. Replaying Skyrim all these years later makes me appreciate The Witcher 3 all the more with its insane number of well-written and extremely well-acted scenes. You were eager to listen to every word people said in The Witcher 3, in Skyrim, I have no problem mashing buttons to “yadda-yadda” people.

I’m looking forward to more Skyrim VR this weekend, but I am getting a little bit of an itch to play something else. I always run into this problem with Elder Scrolls games, I love it when I am playing it, but you are always conscious of the massive amount of time you are spending on just one game.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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