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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

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Happy Weekend TAY!

We are enjoying a three-day weekend in my neck-of-the-woods for “Family Day”. Just a day off to spend with your family and forget about the dull and cold weather outside. I suspect we will be enjoying loads of video games and movies over the next few days...when my kid isn’t playing Apex Legends with his friends.


I played very little last week as I injured my hand helping my kid build a model of Stonehenge for a school project.

It happened while I was using a pair of new kitchen scissors to cut off the top on a jug of glue we bought for the project. More force was required to get through the top than I would have expected, and when I finally broke through the seal, one of the scissors’ blades found its way into the palm of my left hand. It was fairly deep and I had to physically pull out the blade and let my wife know that we were probably looking at a trip to the hospital.

However, after some cursing and gnashing of teeth with my hand under cold running water, I was able to get a better sense of my predicament. I was surprised to see how little blood there was for the size of the injury and there seemed to be no underlying damage except for the painful hole in my palm. I waited a couple of hours and then decided the blade must have luckily missed anything of consequence in my hand and that a trip to the hospital was likely unnecessary.


Of course, the fallout from the accident was that my injured hand needed time to rest and heal. The wound is about 3-4cm long and, as with most injuries to the hand, is slow to heal due to the constant flexing. I’m also left-handed, so the injury is also unfortunately on my dominant hand and made things a little awkward during the week. I’m super paranoid about injuring my hands as a gamer. I might not be a surgeon, but these hands have saved millions of virtual lives.


Skyrim VR was completely out of the question. Wrapping my hand around a Move Controller was exactly the position that would reopen the wound.


What I ended up playing was a ton of FTL which is great for single-handed play and doesn’t require any lightning reflexes. I love FTL and never spent as much time with it as I would have liked, so it was great to revisit it while being benched from Skyrim VR. My intention was to play Subset’s newest release, Into The Breach, but when I booted up FTL on a whim, I was immediately lost to it.


Near the end of the week, I was able to play a little Destiny 2 with my friend online. It seems alright so far, but I’m not really feeling it. It is way too easy and I almost never die unless I fall to my death off the map, but it is fun to control and is pretty to look at.


I didn’t play the first Destiny, so I wasn’t prepared for how much this game takes from Halo in both look and atmosphere. I know Bungie developed both games, but they could have aimed for something a little more original. And what’s with the painful writing and dialogue? Those actors deserve better. Didn’t Destiny 2 have a gigantic budget? It feels like there could have been a better script, but maybe that’s not the draw to Destiny 2 for most players and the money was better spent elsewhere.

I don’t know that I would stick with Destiny 2 on my own given the lack of challenge but, like most co-op games with a friend, you can forgive a lot of shortcomings for the comradery.


I hope I’ll be able to give some Skyrim VR a chance this weekend, my wound is almost closed now and I’m looking forward to getting back. FTL will always be there if it doesn’t work.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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