Dead And Loving It

Happy Weekend TAY!

Yay! My hand is healed and, aside from a little residual pain and what might be a scar, I was back to Skyrim VR this past week.

Skyrim is beginning to wear on me a little with its repetitive nature (plus it is my second time through this massive game). It was always a bit of a “cut-and-paste” experience and you soon tire of repetitive buildings and dungeons. Each copied environment usually has something new to offer, but the fourth time in the same house in four different towns is a bit much. Identical inns have different NPCs and most of the dungeons offer different general layouts, but many of the chambers are exactly the same. After a while, the thrill of exploration isn’t always as thrilling as it could be.


I’m still hooked on the game, despite the feelings of fatigue. The novel and insanely immersive nature of VR really helps me overlook the many ageing aspects of this Elders Scrolls adventure. Skyrim is a tough thing to recommend on replay, especially now that The Witcher 3 exists, but it is an excellent fit for VR on the PS4 and the motion controls add a lot to the experience. Thankfully, the current DLC I’m playing seems to have a lot of new and unique environments.

I’m currently deep into the Dawnguard DLC content, having started it weeks ago but then getting distracted by the bajillion other quests people gave me. I try to clear out areas of quests nearest to me at the time, as it saves on a lot of loading and walking. The downside to this method is that you often lose the threads of the many stories you’ve started when you don’t follow them from point-to-point across the world in sequence.


The Dawnguard content is pretty cool and I’m glad for something brand new to explore, having never played any of Skyrim’s DLC content in my previous playthrough.

One of the greatest vampire stories ever told (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver)

I love vampires in all mediums. Salem’s Lot is my favourite Stephen King novel, Let Me In and Near Dark are my favourite vampire flicks, and yes, I even kinda like Twilight. Dawnguard does a great job with their vampire content and feels a bit like you are playing something out of Anne Rice’s universe. However, it really sucks going in the sunlight as you don’t regenerate health or stamina, but the storyline is fresh and interesting combined with a couple of amazing new areas to explore. The acting is also quite a bit better and adds some much needed new voice cast members, like the super-talented Laura Bailey, who has probably added her voice to more cool projects than you realize.


I also had another long session of Destiny 2 last week and I’m still very mixed on it. It is WAY too easy so far and the dialogue in the campaign content is physically making me cringe, but D2 is a joy to control and beautiful to look at. Destiny 2 is also somewhat dead inside, lacking almost any interaction with the environment with almost zero environmental objects. It almost feels like a shooter from a generation (or two) ago, but I do appreciate the technical hurdles it has to overcome to keep its amazingly stable multiplayer environment. It is definitely fun with a friend and you don’t have to worry about talking over the game won’t miss anything.

Hopefully, I’ll have a chance for more Skyrim VR this weekend amidst all the other goings-on around here. We have to prep for kittens we are getting in two weeks and we seem to have donated all our old kitty equipment like carriers and litterboxes a while ago. I also should probably think about kitten proofing somewhat, it has been a long time since we had young monsters in our house and my last kitten enjoyed my Toad stuffy a little too much.


So, what are you playing this weekend?