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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Time Spent With A Cat Is Never Wasted - Sigmund Freud

Happy Weekend TAY!

A touch of warmer weather this weekend will likely see a reduction in the masses of snow around here. I love winter and the cold, but it is nice to have a melt that cleans up the icy roads and sidewalks.


While I didn’t play more than a single hour of Skyrim VR last week (which was spent selling loot), I did manage to finally hook up my new VR cable management system. This clever product allows me to keep the long cable, that connects the PSVR to the console, above my head and not tangled in my feet.

Basically, the whole management system consists of auto-rewind reels that you attach to your ceiling. You then attach a series of round, thick elastics to the wires in these retractable reels, having previously run the PSVR cable through these elastic bands.


The results of this apparatus are simple but brilliant. As you move around on the floor, the reels will feed out wire to allow the cable to move with you and then will automatically retract to take up the slack as you move back to your starting position.

I can now sit, stand, and spin around without worrying that I will tangle myself in the cable. You really notice the freedom of VR when you don’t have to subconsciously worry about getting snagged in cords. There is a little pull on the HMD from the cable when I duck down low or slouch on the sofa, but it is far less distracting than having the cable at your feet.


I’ve attached the reels to the ceiling with the included adhesive pads, which are easier than the alternative solution of screwing hooks into the ceiling. The pads seem to have a strong bond with the ceiling, but I imagine they’ll make a hell of a mess if I pull one off my black painted room.


I found time last week for a little of The Last Of Us with my wife and we are making slow, but steady progress. It is such a beautiful looking game, but also beautifully written. Even though we had previously beaten the game on the PS3, the revisit to the PS4 port is an even slicker experience that remains just as riveting.


Last week I also managed to finish off the Destiny 2 campaign with my friend and I think we are now done with that. Hitting the level cap so quickly in the campaign makes further play much less desirable for me. I can continue to play for random loot or pay money to buy expansions that raise the level cap, but there wasn’t quite enough there for me to want to play more.


Destiny 2 is a beautiful game and controls well enough, but I never found the necessary level of fun to keep me going. I can see the appeal, especially if you are looking for a social experience tied to some good shooting, but I’m playing with just one friend and I feel we have lots of gaming options that will yield more enjoyment. I wouldn’t say no to the expansions if they landed in my lap, but that’s only going to happen if the price hits $10 or less.

I likely won’t have a lot of time this weekend to game because of:

Gomez. He should be named BlurryFace as currently, the image at the top of this post is the only photo in existence of his face in focus.

Yesterday, we finally brought home the kittens that we have been anxiously waiting on for almost a year. I’m sure most of my weekend will be spent keeping the little beasts from gnawing every cable they see and making sure everyone is eating and happy. At four months old, they will still need a fair bit of supervision, especially while they get accustomed to their new house.


It is also the start of March Break for my kid, so I imagine when not absorbed with kittens that he and I will get back to Breath Of The Wild. We spent last week mopping up some side-quests and are finally getting ready for our next Divine Beast.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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