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Sand In My Shoes

Happy Weekend TAY!

Another gasp of life from a dying winter around here this weekend, but we’ve turned a corner and now most of the days are above freezing. Of course, the city is a mess this spring after a harsh winter of icy roads and there is sand everywhere.


My city recycles the sand they collect from the street cleaners, but they don’t start for another month and until then, everything that goes outside ends up bringing sand into the house. If I was on a beachfront property I wouldn’t complain about sand as much, but going to Costco shouldn’t feel like crossing the desert.

I was excited to see all the upcoming PSVR titles on Sony’s Direct State Of Play last week. As someone who has yet to play No Man’s Sky, the idea of experiencing it in VR suddenly makes that game much more appealing.

I found a couple of hours for Skyrim VR during the week and I’m basically at the tail end of most of the sidequests before attacking the final acts of the main story and the Dawnguard DLC .


I’m too powerful now and a good chunk of the challenge is gone, but I’m still amazed how much repetitive stuff I’ll happily put up within VR. I’m sure the honeymoon phase wears off with VR and you stop spending as much time gawking at everything in 3D, but at this point, I’m still feeling like a kid in a candy store.


My son and I also were able to play a little more Breath Of The Wild last week and we *finally* took down our third divine beast. The shrines and divine beasts are probably my favourite aspect of Breath Of the Wild. The combat isn’t really my thing (boy, do I miss the motion controls of Skyward Sword) but the puzzles in Breath of the Wild are fantastic.

I’m hoping I’ll have some more time for Skyrim VR this weekend and that I also will have an opportunity to play more Breath Of The Wild with my kid. Though, playing two open-world RPGs at the same time can be a little exhausting.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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