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Happy Weekend TAY!

Whew! I finished off the main storyline for the Dragonborn DLC and I think my Skyrim VR adventure is finally at an end.


I still have many outstanding sidequests to complete, so when the mood strikes me for some VR time in the land of the Nords, I’ve got stuff left to do.

The Dragonborn DLC surprised me by the end and I was too quick to label it as just more of the same. Dragonborn ends up being quite a fun little Lovecraftian story and the DLC gave me the surreal visuals I was hoping for. It was nice to explore completely new environments even if the final confrontation was a little dull.


As a package, I think Skyrim VR is the ultimate way to play Skyrim, however, the PSVR version makes many compromises with the visuals. I imagine the Oculus/Vive versions are far superior and also have mod support, which was the biggest thing missing from the PSVR version. Much of what bothers me with the VR implementation of Skyrim could be solved with mods.

Overall though, I was very happy with the direct-control method (as opposed to teleportation movement) and playing with two Move Controllers became second nature after a few sessions of practice. The intense immersiveness of virtual reality Skyrim is due in large part to the clever motion controls. Swords and shields, bows and arrows, or just swimming the depths of an ocean are on a completely different level when you use your whole body for the movement.

Realistic Swimming In Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR as my first full-fledged VR experience was nothing short of the realization of childhood dreams. I was playing games as soon as video games were a thing and the RPGs of those days pale in comparison to the games we know today.


We played those old adventure games with no idea how graphics would evolve, but we could always dream of what it would be like to actually be inside the game. Skyrim VR is my only example of a fully realized world in VR, but it is a damn fine place to start. VR is something that you have to experience to “get”, but once you do, you’ll never look at a standard 2D display the same way again.

This is one of the RPGs I cut my teeth on. Skip ahead to see the overworld view.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and I’ll have to sit down and figure out what to play next. Definitely NOT something long-term in VR, I need to give my legs and feet a break. I played for almost four months while standing and strapped into Sony’s PSVR. I don’t know how the other VR headsets fair, but Sony’s HMD was remarkably comfortable for long periods of time. My legs and feet often gave up during 5-hour sessions, but I was never bothered by the headset at any point (other than occasionally tickling my nose).

I’m excited that games are so good at the dawn of VR, we can only go up from here.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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