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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?


Happy Weekend TAY!

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice spring weekend, well, except those who are in school studying for finals. Good luck to all those with their noses to the grindstone.


After four months of Skyrim VR, I’m finally playing a new game. I was feeling something a little-platformy, so I decided to take a chance on ReCore.

ReCore has an interesting pedigree being developed by both Comcept and Armature Studios. Comcept was headed by Keiji Inafune (of Mega Man fame) and Armature Studios is made of some of the primary talent from Retro Studios (Metroid Prime). It is this latter company that really seems to have had the most influence on ReCore.

ReCore (so far) feels heavily inspired by Armature’s time with Metroid Prime. The level design, unlockable powers, and many of the other game design elements could have easily fit within the Metroid Prime universe. Hell, you could have basically swapped out Joule (the main protagonist in ReCore) with Samus and I think the Metroid fans would have been fairly happy.


Jeff Seely, here on TAY, and my weekly gaming buddy recently started ReCore and both of them seemed rather surprised how much they were enjoying their time with it, so who am I to pass up on a well-recommended platformer.


I think all the bad press around ReCore’s problematic launch (lots of performance issues on Xbox One) might have scared some people off; I know the negative reviews moved it way down my list of games to play.

An example of some of the platforming in ReCore: Definitive Edition on PC [Edit: video seems to not hit full resolution on Kinja until 16 seconds in. Works fine when viewed directly on YouTube.]

The biggest surprise with ReCore is how good the platforming is. Likely inspired by both Mega Man (I have very little experience with that series of games) and Metroid Prime, I rarely see such a well-executed platformer. It almost feels like a game out of time and would be more at home with the likes of Jak and Daxter.


ReCore isn’t a game for the meek, this is a tough platform game that will make your palms sweaty and profanity escape from your mouth. The charm of ReCore (and many of the best platform games before it) is that you are able to get through most of the areas with only a moderate level of stress. However, if you want all the collectables, you’ll be repeating things over and over (and over) while your heart rate steadily increases.


There is something about ReCore that I’m not completely sold on, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I think the combat is slightly repetitive, but there is enough variety in the tactics to keep me interested. If I had to guess, I presume it is the desert overworld that seems slightly dull (at least visually). It is a little barren, but this works for the platforming and makes everything clean and clear for the precision traversal.

I’m sure part of it is all the time I spent in the snow in Skyrim VR that feels too similar to all the white sand in ReCore. I’m a little burnt out on the lifeless-windswept-wastelands at the moment.


If you have Xbox Game Pass you have access to the Definitive Edition of ReCore on both Xbox and PC (the version I am playing). The Definitive Edition sees new story content added as well as all the fixes for the launch issues. Having never looked at ReCore previously, I would never have known it had any issues as it is a well-polished game at this point. Absolutely a good match for those looking for a great shooty-platform game to kick your ass.


This weekend will mainly comprise of assisting my kid with a massive school project and some lawn maintenance. Hopefully, I’ll be able to watch some movies with the family (4K Alien anyone?) and maybe even strike up some Rock Band if the gang is willing. Once everyone is in bed, it will be more ReCore for me.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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