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Happy Weekend TAY!

Enjoy your long weekend if you live somewhere that is having one (I think our neighbours to the south have a holiday the next weekend). In Canada, it is “Victoria Day” weekend which is to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria. However, it is generally known as “May Two-Four Weekend” where a “two-four” in Canada means a case of beer. This holiday is often the first weekend people go camping or open up their cottages. I don’t camp and don’t have a cottage, so I’ll just stay inside and play games with my family. I’m also very sick, having finally caught the bug the rest of my family had last week, so I’m not looking to go too far from my bed.


Last week I was able to get a bit of time for more ReCore: Definitive Edition. The more time I spend with this game, the more I love it and the sadder it makes me that Microsoft botched the launch of this fantastic title. Had it not launched full of bugs, I imagine that it could have entered into the (limited) pantheon of high-quality Xbox One exclusives. Not that anything is stopping people from playing and loving ReCore now, but the game has definitely left the consciousness of most gamers. Thankfully, ReCore’s inclusion on Microsoft’s Game Pass will bring it more richly deserved attention.

ReCore is an absolute blast and ends up being a hardcore platform game and a tough challenge overall. I die a lot, but it always feels like a fair and well-deserved death.


The combat can be brutal, especially when opening up a new area where the enemies’ levels will see a big jump. It is always fun though, which is surprising given the respawning of enemies when you return to previous areas. It is a testament to the brilliant game design when I’ll go looking to pick on lower level enemies simply because the combat is so enjoyable.


The level design is the big star in ReCore. The world almost gives me a vibe similar to the last God Of War game, but ReCore’s design is more open and far more enjoyable to traverse. Everything about ReCore is a platform game first-and-foremost and the entire world is made up of fun and challenging ways to get around. God Of War is a better game overall, but ReCore is no slouch and probably could go toe-to-toe with many of the best platformers ever created. It certainly puts Microsoft’s latest platform-shooter, Crackdown 3, to shame on all most every level.


Speaking of Crackdown 3, I finally finished that one off with my gaming buddy and it was alright at best. I think my opinion of it is a little tempered by its inclusion on Game Pass and the fact that I didn’t have to shell out a lot (any) cash to play it. If I had paid the $80 Microsoft is still asking for the game outright, I would have felt badly burned. If you’ve never played any of the Crackdown games, then Crackdown 3 is the best version and is the one to look at if you are curious. Too bad there was very little in the way of innovation in the new game compared to the 2007 original. If you have a friend to play Crackdown 3 co-op (and aren’t too pissed about the PC version being locked to 30fps in co-op), then you could do worse than Crackdown 3. However, if you have stuff like Saints Row 4 unplayed, then you could do much better.

I’m hoping to get in more Breath Of The Wild this weekend with my kid, but his science teacher scheduled a test the day after the long weekend (that’s just mean), so that will put a big damper on our free time. Hopefully, we will be able to get the study notes done quickly and we can squeeze in some time in Hyrule between review sessions. Of course, I’ll be picking away at ReCore if I find any free time for myself and whatever my cold allows.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

[Edit: Anyone feel like covering for me next Saturday (May 25)? I have house guests coming that weekend. Thanks ahead!]

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