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Long Time Running

Happy Weekend TAY!

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canuck brothers and sisters, enjoy the long weekend if you have one. My family is looking forward to pigging out all Sunday and enjoying our time together.


This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the knowledge that one day Hollow Knight will end.

Holy crap there is a lot of content! I know that I am coming to Hollow Knight after numerous free DLC additions, but this game is massive. There is a ton of backtracking in the game, and that does make the world feel larger than it really is, but there is still an enormous amount of ground to cover.

This all-you-can-eat game is great if you love Hollow Knight (as many of you do around TAY). Alas, I am still not having a ton of fun with it. The aforementioned backtracking is weighing on me. The devs are good at opening up shortcuts and giving you powers to speed up your exploration, but there is still a heavy amount of revisiting locations.


I’m ok with backtracking in most games, but in Hollow Knight, you are often travelling through long empty areas or locations that require a fair bit of intense platforming to get through. The controls in the game give me little joy, so I don’t find the platforming particularly interesting and the fifth time through an arduous section wears on me. Once you know the tricks to traverse an area, it really just becomes work to repeat it.


The star of Hollow Knight is the layout of the world and the interesting exploration mechanics. There is little handholding here and only basic locations are listed on the map. You eventually acquire a pile of tokens you can use on the map to mark places of interest, but I relish the memory exercises that are required to navigate the depths of Hollow Knight.

With more satisfying controls and more enjoyable combat mechanics, I think I’d be in love with Hollow Knight. It does so much right and pitches the difficulty on the hard-side given there are no difficulty settings. It is often compared to the Souls series in terms of how tough and punishing it can be; definitely not for the easily frustrated. The penalty for death can be a long and boring bit of backtracking, especially since I think the save points are spread a little too thin.


I don’t know how much I have left with Hollow Knight, but I get the feeling I must be nearing the end given how many power-ups and charms I’ve acquired. I’m not sure if I am ready for one of the boss fights on what appears to be the main quest, so I’m happy to just keep exploring and powering up until I feel I’ve seen all the places there are to see.


I’m hoping to play some Dying Light with the kid this weekend. A big math test is behind us and he has a study free weekend for a change. If I get a chance on my own, I’ll be knee-deep in Hollow Knight looking for that finish.

So, what are you playing this (long) weekend?

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